Friday, April 18, 2008


When we read about Cherrapunji in school, we learned that it was the wettest place in India with a lot of rain. I used to think Cherrapunji was this super romantic place where characters belonging to a P.G.Wodehouse book lived. I loved rain and constantly wanted to live in a place like Cherrapunji. The reason for wishing so could be attributed to growing up in a place that had less rains and acute water shortage. Rains, whenever they condescended to make an appearance, were beautiful in Madras and I had a special liking for them. I couldn't associate rain with any negative thing. People kept falling into man holes occasionally but hey! peacocks danced in Vandalur. However, I did not know that Cherrapunji had more water shortage problems than Madras. So years later...
Maybe someone above decided to make those dreams come true. I live in a place just like cherrapunji. If Cherrapunji is more wet I'd like to understand how one can make wet, more wet. Regardless I would like to travel back in time and kick myself for wishing this. It is not just me. Not many from Madras including those who lived in the 'thanneer thanneer' village like too much rain. My grandma is visiting me currently and she keeps using the 'nasa nasa' word frequently. I suspect it is the rain and not me. But one can never be sure. I do not know how Cherrapunji people will feel if they move to Andhra or Thamizh Nadu but I can say for sure - the other way around isn't all that super.


Sowmya said...

one kostin,

romance'kkum characters from PG Wodehouse'kkum what connection?

Hawkeye said...


enna ippadi ketutte - all wooster jeeves story revolved around romance

hamsini said...

wow! your grandmother's visiting you in the states?:D do I smell a nice,funny soon-to-be post about that?:D

hukee said...

Actually it's the wettest place in the world (or so its thought).

Anonymous said...

I'm a batch/college mate of yours. Been reading your blog for the last 3 years and have commented on some of your posts, but I doubt you'd have seen them as they were mostly from the archives. Just want to tell you, your posts are very entertaining and I really like the way you write - unpretentious, full of humor and not pandering to your audience. Keep those posts coming and keep us entertained.


P.S.: Reading your Tamil English post at work made me LOL so much that I almost got fired :P

Anonymous said...

1. You are confusing Mills & Boons with PG Wodehouse.
2. The focus in Wodehouse's stories are only on what Jeeves thinks and what Wooster does than the romantic escapades of the loving couple. So I do not know where you read between the lines
3. Basic scientific understanding would reveal that any hilly region is incapable of retaining water beneath the surface, irrespective of how much it rains or floods.
4. As for your Grandma commenting 'nasa nasa': no comments

Summa enga oorla epovume mazhai peiyudhu nu solittu pogaama, thevai ilaama Cherrapunji laerndhu PG Wodehouse vara izhuthu why asinga pattings?

Leg Dada

Sowmya said...

I agree with anon2's first two points. Or if you really want romance, water and characters you should read Nora Roberts.

Hawkeye said...

leg dada,

bayangrama sandaikku vanthuteeha.

probably i wanted to say idyllic but ended up saying romantic. ithukku federal case level'a questions.

mills and boons are for "pombalai pullaigal". i dont know about them.

regarding your science stuff - i dont know. really dont care.

/* Summa enga oorla epovume mazhai peiyudhu nu solittu pogaama, thevai ilaama Cherrapunji laerndhu PG Wodehouse vara izhuthu why asinga pattings?*/

adhu seri. inimelernthu neenga solra padiye naan ezhutharen.

basically every PG wodehouse story can be summarized in 1 line behind a PTC bus ticket. but he writes for 300 pages. thats the essense of him. atha purinjikaama...


nora roberts. yaar athu?

i think my blog is in a phase where people are with knife, over analyzing everything. naan perusa ethuvum solradhe illai. intha post'kku logic konjam overa theriyalai.

Hawkeye said...


she may beat me up if I do that. my dad won't read by blog because its long. but my grandma does.


thanks. I remember someone saying that but wanted to play it down.


nandri sir. whats your full name? if you dont want to say here please send email

Lord Labak said...


Cherrapunji loses water because of soil erosion and poor rain water harvesting procedure. Meghalaya govt is improving the situation.

you lighta moodify.


ummai ellarum emaathara voi. ushaar.

Anonymous said...

Mamatha, from CSE.


Anonymous said...

@ Lord Labak:
Nejamaave nee lord labak maaridhaan pesarae.
Did you even read what I had said?
"any hilly region is incapable of retaining water beneath the surface"
And why is that so? If you go back to basic physics, you would learn that any free flowing fluid would take the path of least resistance, which in this case would be the downslope. Hence water runs off the hills to the plains. Simple. Unless there is a natural or artificial reservoir, very little water will be retained beneath the surface. Hence to retain rain water, people need to resort to rainwater harvesting techniques.

And you say, " Cherrapunju loses water because of soil erosion and poor rain harvesting technique"

Soil erosion does not cause loss of water. It is the other way around. You must have read some half-baked report by a reporter in papers like The Hindu or listened to an over excited reporter in NDTV and mixed up all the facts. Deforestation leads to barren lands with no trees to firmly hold the soil. So when it rains, the flowing water washes away the top soil. It is not soil erosion causing water loss.

So in your enlightening one line statement, the first half is pathetically untrue and the second half is something which I never agreed or disagreed with in my first comment.

As our Gounder says in Gentleman, "Raama, enna yaen indha maari kazhisada pasangaloda elaam sera vekkura!!"

Leg Dada

Hawkeye said...

my god! the things people fight on. what are people trying to prove here?


I the agree. you should be a geography teacher. ok'va.

lord labak,


yow! how can anybody cheat me in a blog? this is all virtual. what am i being cheated with?

vara vara!

Hawkeye said...


this is just fantastic. How are you? there are 3-4 CSE folks who visit here rgulaarly.

Anonymous said...

ella barath,

i'm one regular.. who are the others...


Anonymous said...

ennavo ellaram pora poke-a strange-a errukku..

Light teesko guys

Anonymous said...

hello can anyone help me top know where wud i get info abt soil erosion in places in india pleese