Monday, April 07, 2008

Life & Entertainment

My great grand mother is 96. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in her mind and what she is thinking about. She hasn't left home much in like 10 years, does not watch TV and pretty much does not do stuff that provides her with raw information that she can later digest, analyse and - think about. Sometimes I wonder if she ever got bored. What does one think about in the waking hours when one has nothing much to think about? Average life span has increased. People easily live for 80 years or more nowadays. This means that sheer magnitude of time that one has to while away has increased and consequently the boredom, one has to avoid. is now daunting. This means that the amount of boring work one has to do just to avoid getting bored is more. I used to think there was pleasure in doing nothing. I constantly yelled at my father for not becoming an MLA or MP as that would give me an opportunity to sit idle, molest/seduce arbitrary women and not worry about job security. He is tried of hearing this from me. Having stuff to do was irritating and I used to dream of having an idyllic life where one had to do nothing. I am beginning to think that such a life is probably unsustainable. Reason - boredom. There used to be a time in college when I could sit and stare at a wall for hours together. Having nothing to do was a life style one was proud of. Nowadays one gets bored with a few hours of nothingness. The mind wants to be occupied.

This got me thinking about life. One seems to be always compelled to think about life and draw extremely arbitrary philosophical conclusions on the meaning and purpose of life. If bums like Socrates and Aristotle can do it why shouldn't I? So I'll trouble your mind with my disturbing little insights on life. If one plans to live for 80 years, one really needs something to do. Living that long without doing anything is terribly boring. One always wants to be entertained. So what do we do about that? Human beings are remarkably intelligent species. They can cook up nonsense in no time. So work was invented. That fills up 30-40 years of one's life. To do work, one obviously needs to be educated. So there goes another 20-25 years. So a solid 60-75 years has been taken care of. As you can see the reason behind most of the stuff we do is to be entertained until the cellular organisms that make up our body stop ticking. Entertainment. That's what we all do.

My problem is with people not crediting entertainment when its due thereby depriving it of its rightful share. The achievements of supposedly great people are accounted wrongly. People are stupidly credited as scientists, sportsmen, politician and lot of other crap. The reality is they were just trying to pass time. They were Self-entertainers. Let me take Robinson Crusoe as an example to push home my point. He was desperate to get off that island. why? Boredom my dear L & G. Boredom. Not because he had to rush back and save mankind, contest elections or do science. Robinson Crusoe, isn't really famous for anything else. He is the greatest proof of the danger of boredom. He is famous only because he waged a supreme struggle against boredom and managed to avoid being bored to death in a really boring situation. He was pushed into a situation that only Mr. Cave Man had faced until then. Before Crusoe human beings had spent a millenia trying to get out of that exact same situation Crusoe was dealt with. Crusoe was faced the biggest challenge there ever was because he was deprived of gzillion years of hard work. That brings us to Cave man and how it all began.

The cave man had the most difficult challenge ever. He probably lived for 40-50 years. Never had to go to work or worry about passing XII std. He didn't have to work hard for sex and could pretty much hump any woman who came along. If he got the urge and had the hard-on - the nearest woman was humped. No foreplay, no romantic duets in the rain. Painful for the woman. But who cares? The key thing is he did not spend Age 14 - Death thinking about getting laid or worrying whether he would ever get laid. If a man was not thinking about work, promotions, war, politics, sports, travel, and Tax returns - you could at least say that he was a man and so by definition might have been worried about sex. But apparently that ain't the case here. This dude never had to think about anything because there was nothing to think about. How do you spend 50 years like that?

The cave women were probably happy because the man had nothing to do, no TV, no games to watch and devoted most of his time towards her. But since women didn't value conversation that much back then all the good karma man had earned in those days were lost gone for ever. Only boredom remained. So cave man started doing funny stuff. He had already humped 20 unknown women, their daughters from other men, his daughters, stray women who wandered into his area (so much for 'compatibility' and 'respect my feelings') and even humped 2-3 men in error. Given that toothbrushes weren't in vogue the unmanageable bad-breath must've have driven him to either doggy style or feeling himself up. A few years of that and boredom would have come back. He may moved from feeling himself up and rubbing his balls to rubbing two stones together. He rubbed two stones together just to while away time and voila! fire was invented.

Next thing you know the wheel was being imagined. That was so entertaining that man could play with it for years and years and not get bored. It was so entertaining that several people reinvented the wheel just to pass time. And we thought those people were stupid. They know. Soon people began to invent countries, armies and war. The real problem began when Freud like human beings then introduced crap like ego and self-esteem. So we got more education, better education, different education, better work, greater work, powerful work - all of which may have contributed to more entertainment time but it eroded the knowledge that we were doing all these things to pass time. I strongly believe that all inventions, discoveries and "progress" we have made so far is a direct result of someone trying to avoid boredom. Entertainment is the root cause of that. Look at the number of things Man has invented to spend time. It is just incredible. And to think people associate serious connotations to what is really entertainment.

In reality, we hurtle towards the end of life with the aid of self-entertainment vehicles like career, hobby etc or by watching others entertain themselves. A sportsman is busy playing sport trying to spend 20 years quickly without getting bored. We watch him on TV to avoid getting bored. That's why such luminary self-entertainers are considered better. Their self-entertainment efforts helps them lose big chunks of time while we can only lose a few hours or so by watching them do that. The funny development is that even entertainment has now become boring. People are tired of the self-entertainment stuff. They take a break from career by going on vacations, which really is just entertainment with another name. Its like having meals in-between meals. A better analogy would be - you go to a movie theater to get entertained and play a mini video game inside the movie hall because the movie is boring. Nested entertainments are vogue nowadays. My question is why not skip the middle man. Why not just play the video game which you know is entertaining for sure? Why go through the charade of watching a movie? Shouldn't there be a more fun way to spend life? We need to invent a better wheel.


Anonymous said...

Now I know why you write blogs and why I read them ! :)
Nice one.

- Labak Das

Sarang said...

Hmmm a good read this one, my dear fellow entertainer!

nrimaami said...

Haha.. Now we all know that you can happily spend another 80 years analyzing the cause and effects of boredom. :D

Good read!

Babu said...

No wonder u r in Xbox marketing team :-D...good work daa

Does masturbation come under self-entertainment, but I agree you can play a video game for hours ;-)

Archana said...

Superb... Nice one.

Anonymous said...

Dei do you have cinemax/hbo ? If so stay up one night after 9pm and watch the awesome film Bikini Cavegirl
You seem to have some major misconceptions above cave life and caveboy cavegirl interactions which this incredible sleeper hit will clarify for you in vivid technicolor.

I said...

video games ellam kulandhaiku ba.

VJ said...

Work,Education,Creer = To Entertain others

Fun,Sex,Love,Vacation = Self entertainment...


----Good one----

Arun Sundar said...

I remember a while ago somebody writing a comment that you are undergoing a mid-life crisis or something. Now i feel this might be the phase II for u :)

Thiru said...

but then, life is just one long indulgence in one form or other


Raj said...

I have read that Nature never intended us to live beyond 25 years. As a species, we were expected to procreate, like good mammals, take care of the young till they came of age, and then exit the scene. All our old age problems, including boredom, were not part of Nature's grand design. She will strike back, jsut wait.........

Anonymous said...

Mid-life crisis indeed! Quality of your posts has come down exponentially.

Sowmya said...

One thing the caveman did not have is a drive through McDonald's. You wrote about all the sex he got and how easy it was. Well, what about food? He had to hunt, gather whatever he could so that he could eat and maybe feed his mate. That was hard work. There was the weather that had to be dealt with. He had to protect his food, mate and children from predators. That was hard work too. I am sure fighting off a wild animal was not entertainment for him.

Work was not invented, it came along with man's quest for things, better food, better means of transportation, better living conditions etc.

Not everything that is done is to kill boredom, some people need to do those same things to survive. It is not entertainment then.

I guess your idea was to be flippant about life and how to kill time between birth and death. What you wrote is one way of looking at it, but is applicable only to a certain kind of people.

Anonymous said...

Until lately the best thing that I was able to think of in favour of civilization, apart from blind acceptance of the order of the universe, was that it made possible the artist, the poet, the philosopher, and the man of science. But I think that is not the greatest thing. Now I believe that the greatest thing is a matter that comes directly home to us all. When it is said that we are too much occupied with the means of living to live, I answer that the chief worth of civilization is just that it makes the means of living more complex; that it calls for great and combined intellectual efforts, instead of simple, uncoordinated ones, in order that the crowd may be fed and clothed and housed and moved from place to place. Because more complex and intense intellectual efforts mean a fuller and richer life. They mean more life. Life is an end in itself, and the only question as to whether it is worth living is whether you have enough of it.

I will add but a word. We are all very near despair. The sheathing that floats us over its waves is compounded of hope, faith in the unexplainable worth and sure issue of effort, and the deep, sub-conscious content which comes from the exercise of our powers.


Anonymous said...

another turd by dr. phil burns

Murugan said...

Fantastic post. I wonder how you have such a vivid imagination. The take on cave man was hilarious. Even if I disagree with some of it this post made me think. Unlike some other blogs out there which take themselves too seriously and write mediocre stuff.

V said...

Thank you for the entertainment.

Rastafari said...

"I constantly yelled at my father for not becoming an MLA or MP as that would give me an opportunity to sit idle, molest/seduce arbitrary women and not worry about job security"
- Plagiarized from 'I' Sriram

Sundar said...


see comments section of that 'I' sriram post. 'I' plagiarized from hawkie

Rastafari said...

Sundar and Hawkeye,
oh, mannikkanum unarchi vasa pattuten (boredom!)

dushy said...

Interesting post.

I said...

Wishing one's father were an MLA is a very obvious and impulsive thing. Adhu elarukkum sondham.

Uma said...

Pethal Pethal orre pethal only

Hawkeye said...

labak das,



see i helped you pass 10 mins.


thanks. boredome topic isn't that productive. maybe 6 months.


masturbation is the supreme form of self-entertainment. which is why it is such a small time capsule.




you are quoting a late night matter padam as a reference to an argument for this post. i like it.


erumai maadu size'la people are playing that.


work, edu, career - mutual entertainment.


to have mid-life crisis one must be in mid-life.


that is correct.


it seems odd that when many other mammals die early, we dont. I blame it on the anti-boredome things we have invented. our life span increased because can combat boredom. animals die soo because they cannot.


no mid-life crisis. in fact i think my posts have become better.


/* Work was not invented, */

It was. Reason Being what you said:

/* man's quest for things, better food, better means of transportation, better living conditions */

these activities aren't for survival? There is an "E.R.Braithwaithe" distinction between 'survival' and 'living'. These activities that you mention have been established for beyond survival.


takkar. bale!








I agree with 'I'. Most people thin the same way. don't say anything about thalai, otherwise i will make rastafari take fire-bath.

Hawkeye said...




appadi sollu! appadi sollu!


what uma! ensoy maadi. dont analyze.

Nilu said...

what uma! ensoy maadi. dont analyze.

The pre-requisite for enjoying a write-up is, it should have been well written.

Hawkeye said...


thats exactly why i am saying. i give the ghee itself and she is still searching for the butter.

Destination Infinity said...

Yellame enjoymentkku thaana? Naan thittu vaangarathu kooda? Oh, my boss's enjoymentko?

:-) Good exploration.

Destination Infinity.

Wellwisher said...

Seriously, quality of your posts have come down drastically.

Nilu said...

I give the ghee itself

Now I know 'I am sex itself' is not an aberration.

Hawkeye said...


we 'youth' watch TV and re-use dialogs from that. You kazha bolts aren't clued into pop-culture.

Hawkeye said...


boss enjoyment is very important. dont forget :-)


thanks for the feedback. I really do appreciate it.

hardscrabble in kabul said...

this is a wonderful blog! Truly enjoyable musings.

Surya. said...

Just fantastic!!!

aint u invented this entertaining blog to ward off boredom???
And we all stumbled upon this to find a new,better working wheel....