Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Complete Opposite of George

I have decided to follow the path of peace. Avowing to be less cynical, pessimistic, angry, critical and impatient. I will be positive and use nonsensical, positive reaffirmation, feel good proverbs in my email signature. Instead of making fun of people who spend hours photographing non-living things, I will photograph stones, signboards and far away mountains like a tourist on a hyper drive. Instead of dipping my Masala Dosai in both chutney and sambar, I will dip it in either chutney or sambar. Instead of fighting with arbitrary people, I will shower love. Instead of pointing out that Barack Obama's ears look like Spock's ears, I will point out that his ears look like Pillaiyar (Ganesha) pithaji's ears. I will stop shouting at people who will put elachi (cardamom) in my food (or tea).
A muni(var) I met in the Krishna and Vishnu temple at the bottom of grand canyon convinced me that the opposite of me is better than me. I have decided to see how the opposite works.


Anonymous said...

"Avowing to be less cynical, pessimistic, angry, critical and impatient."

I can already see that.

Mahesh said...

I know you are trying hard and failing but the effort is commendable.

Like i told you. You write best when not ranting or indulging in silly blog fights.

Karthick Prabu said...

Muni(var).... itha andha grand canyon muni(var) paartha romba pheel pannuvar :D

Anonymous said...

I have been tryin this for sometime,its not posbl..end of the day..either v like it or not..v continue to be the worst half

Anonymous said...

enna acchu?

Vutla samme dose'a?

Vijay said...


Did you come across something like this in your MAP course?


Destination Infinity said...

Opposite of us, is better than us? Then if there is some one opposite to me already present, I should be better than him.

When you learnt maths at young age - If you are not able to prove a theorem, just prove that the converse can never be true.....

Destination Infinity.