Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Perpetuates the habit of the father buying expensive gifts for the mother, like a gold pendant etc, and creating a make-believe scenario that it was really the 8 month old baby or 2 year old kid who bought the gift. While the kid can't freaking talk or say 'potty' when it really should have - the parents keep telling anybody they see that it was the baby who went to the shop, selected and bought the gift. They exclaim"this is what baby xyz bought for her mother". This elicits "wow! that's so cute" from other people who have babies, who really don't care but want someone to listen to them when they tell their stories of what their kid bought for its mother. Of course during Father's Day, the women buys some inane crap for the man and passes it off as a gift from the diaper kid.
Criticism against such "days" play the stupid tune of condemning Hallmark and other genuine companies for a job well done. The 'akshaya thrithi' perpetuating corporates are doing a good service of taking money from people who never deserved to have it in the first place. It is hard to comprehend what joy desis see in this circus. Going through life and faking ourselves into believing that we are actually experiencing things which confirm to the society's opinion on what people should experience in a lifetime is a tiring enough process. Adding more weight to the set of things "one needs to do" to be considered normal is highly unnecessary. If only the first desi man who was given a father's day gift had the gumption to say "please don't waste time and money on this - next year" to his baby-faced 6 year old daughter - we wouldn't have to deal with such a large scale torture.


Anonymous said...

I agree ! but i think its a good time for grown ups to do something for their mom ! It would be awesome if people treated everyday like a Mother/Father/Wife/Children's day but if they dont then atleast on one day they can pay special attention to people who care abt them.

first comment ! I know u will say whats the big deal :)

Anonymous said...

Question is.. Would you have the heart to do that to your kid?

Arvind said...

Lost cause dude, just deal with it. Days like these are good for Corporate America and that's why they throw so much effort into making a big deal of it.
I was just talking about it to my wife last night. Whoever devised Mother's day and sold it to the companies was just "brilliant!". "Brilliant!". Now, back to the Guinness..

bombay dosti said...

I remember your valentine's day post. Maybe when you get a kid, you'll think about mother's day and father's day too :) or maybe not... :)

i know, i know, these days and their bigger meanings... did not give my mom a gift, but maybe she would have been happy :)

Anonymous said...

Thambi oru kuzhandhai pethukopa. Atleast indha pulambal ellam kuriayu, If you cant beat them, join them :-)
Adhula edhavadhu prachnaiya, ippadi polambara?

Anonymous said...

A nice post.Whenever people wishes,you wonder what the hell. Too much of gloss and fake,it's disgusting.


Uma said...

as usual you have taen a nice sharp needle and pricked people where it hurts the most. splendid post. you will see that most people will get angry with you. Thats because you strike with precision in this post.

Mahesh said...

Adhula edhavadhu prachnaiya, ippadi polambara?

the tamil people's indecent and barbaric habit of intruding into other people's private lives will never stop.

Sowmya said...

It is mother's day. There is an apostrophe.

Anonymous said...

mageshu, tamil people only are like this? Vera endha oorla, you will find only non-barbaric, non-intrusive peoplepa?

Nilu said...

LOL @ Sowmya

Mahesh said...

certainly not in tamil people. does the post have anything to do with prechanai ?

Hawkeye said...

/* It would be awesome if people treated everyday like a Mother/Father/Wife/Children's day */

this nithya-kalyanam could become realy boring for everybody concerned.


i can give a response to your question but no one know if it is a true response. so its moot. the real question is if one had the heart to say that to me kid would it be considered normal?


that i agree. that fellow earned money and left the nuisance to general public.

bombay dosti,

:-) Moms are happy to get gifts - i agree. i am poor in buying gifts. I rarely buy them. Haven't bought a decent one for some years.

anon & Mahesh,

i am reminded of some goundan dialogs. but i will keep quiet.


nowadays if you don't wish it is a crime




changed. i can't spell at all. i am flattered that you didn't point out more. i have given up with spelling or even using word check.


vara vara ...u are putting too much jalra for sowmya. sari illai.

WA said...

ROTFL re: jalra :)

As to the mother's day etc, waste of time. The lad is old enough and gets enough pocket money to save up and buy a decent present by himself. Instead what did I get for mother's day? A card and that was it. Obv I am not impressed and come his birthday I shall spend a pound and buy him a birthday card and nothing else. Rant over

Anonymous said...

"i am reminded of some goundan dialogs. but i will keep quiet.
i am also reminded but in all of those, you are the senthil:-)