Thursday, May 01, 2008

Political Correctness

As India evolves and the so called IT culture begins to penetrate into traditionally male-dominated places like Madurai and Lucknow more and more sex-starved men get exposure to HR courses on sexual harassment, equal opportunity and other mannangatti. The average joe-Murugan suddenly realizes that being vocally supportive of women is like the latest fad. Over a period of time what started off as a logical and supportive behavior towards the progress of deserving women has turned into a 'vayishaal' pandering and servitude to the concept of over-praising women. Objectivity and logical thought process has now gone out of the window and gay sounding men are now queuing up and fighting each other to express support, admiration and devotion towards women equality and career. This has reached the proportions of those 80s style politicians who compulsarily praised Gandhi as a matter of reflex and say arbitrary proverbs. Everything starts with "Gandhiji said...". Most politicians would pass of their own lies by starting with the "gandhiji said.." phrase. If one weren't awake they would have concluded "Gandhiji said centripetal force does not exist". Gandhiji was the women-emancipation-career equivalent of the 80s. They had to be super-duper right always.
While I don't care enough to have a particular opinion on such women-career topics, I find the obsessive conformity of the modern 'saaftwear' gen Y men offensive. Men who are abnormally vocal in praising women and over-do the "women are great and will be better C programmers/Presidents/WashingMachines/CEOs than men" sound byte are essentially giving a mating call. The intention of being so loud is the hope that some women would get impressed enough to go to bed with them. While women claim to hate stereotyping and generalizations, they apparently love it when men do all this to praise women. Statements like "women are more versatile" or "women make good prime ministers" are just plain nonsense. There is no statistical evidence or logical backing to this 'vayishaal'. But women love hearing this. So men say it. It has been a long time since I saw a man contradict another man, when the latter is going on and on about expressing his lifelong commitment and admiration regarding the great progress of women. Because if anybody contradicts and asks a perfectly logical question surrounding the said encomium - the questioner is looked upon as a wife-beating cave man. Thousands and thousands of MCP-category stereotypes await this man. The gay men suddenly switch focus and start taking enormous pride in condemning the logical man - as if they suddenly found a new mating call.
Human beings can never maintain moderation and balance in anything. Women who are making genuine progress and small buds and flowers who are really growing against the grain get swept away as part of the cliche. The easiest way to gain popularity today is say/write stuff over praising women and repeatedly insist that women are better than men in just about everything. One is regarded as educated and cultured only if one indulges in such nonsense. I am reminded of those men who praised Jayalalitha to the skies in early 90s and ended up not even a getting a MLA ticket. The political correctness has taken such abnormal proportions that telling mega bytes of lies, white lies and more nonsense - just to be politically correct or popular - is considered hep. If a scientist makes a discovery using DNA/genetics and some such nonsense to prove beyond any scientific doubt that women are less capable than men in some small, unimportant capability (like men have better developed bones in their little finger than women) there is a good chance that a witch-hunt would be initiated for that scientist and he would be publicly burned to death.


Rada said...

Clarify something for me, please...

"gay sounding men are now queuing up.."

Is this species also known as "metrosexuals"?

"The intention of being so loud is the hope that some women would get impressed enough to go to bed with them."

Truly hilarious!

filarial said...

Ha ha.. I got to admit parts of the post was really funny and to think about it --that thought process can be extended to a lot of things our society likes to take a stand on..

PS- btw comparing Madurai to Lucknow is like comparing Trichy to Madras-- I assume you have never been to lucknow..

anush said...

imagine the new/super young generation is growing up with all such crap around them - they're going to internalize this so much that it's going to be a super battle to overcome these stupid beliefs..

xx said...

how do u know that those guys intention is to get laid ? you seem to be over generalizing.

me said...

actually men(women?) dont realise that
praise for women = eve teasing

Anonymous said...

konjam direct example edhavavadhu link panna radhu -- to give some ccontext at least.

Mukundhan said...


I have come across quite a large number of such sycophants in office. You can add Gurgaon to the list containing Madurai and Lucknow. I used to wonder what these guys got by showering encomiums on completely undeserving women. Looks like you have enlightened me to some extent.


I said...

this is why I am a male chauvinist.

Anonymous said...

Adhu eppadi gay sounding men look to be bedded by men? logic udhaikkudhe? Gaurav Sabnis kitte logic training eduthundiya recent-aa

Anonymous said...

Che, naane gaurav maadhiri comment pottutaen. I meant:
"Adhu eppadi gay sounding men look to be bedded by women? logic udhaikkudhe?"

xx said...

agree with sounds paradoxical - "gays" getting laid by women ??!

Hawkeye said...


:-) metrosexuals is a new word I am hearing often.


thanks. curious Q: are you saying lucknow isnt male-dominated society?


yes! completely agree.

although now i wonder what crap I have internalized.


what else could be the intention?


men manfully continue to innovate on 'eve teasing'. we are super that way.


ellam real life non-linkable examples


:-) thanks.


that is why you are 'thalai' we are all - well - mundams :-)


Why shouldn't they be?

"nee ellam anna-thambi oda porakalai? Unnai petha appavum oru aambalai thaane?"