Thursday, June 19, 2008


It is incredible that people who do not know anything about Chaos Theory or Butterfly Effect send so many forward emails explaining what a chaotic system is. As if they suddenly discovered a new toy, pretend they understand it and want to show it off to everybody. I agree that Dasavatharam and chaos have a connection. It is a very chaotic movie.
One should see Sliding Doors and Run Lola Run on how small changes amplify over time. They would be my best examples of movies based on this concept. Instead one sends emails like "the table caused Kamal to move to the left side, the auto caused Kamal to take a right turn and so everything is chaos theory". That is not the only forwarded email floating around. See this comment section for every forwarded mail regarding Dasavatharam. I understand that the average Damilan needn't know anything about real Dasavatharam and its stories. So I get the fact they are suddenly over excited that there are 10 avatharams and send nonsense mails on their connection to this movie. That mail would have been more logical if it had connected Appa Rao to Duryodhanan. One wonders why they didn't consider SaiBaba (not the 1950s guy, I mean the one with Afro style haircut) to be an avatharam. He does. I bet he is very offended with these forwarded emails. However, I am surprised that educated folks who know to send/receive emails believe so much in that 'What is a chaotic system' forwarded mails that they send it out with staunch belief. Kamalagasan must be laughing his ass off.
No wonder Kamal thought that showing a butterfly on screen is enough to cause a hurricane in people's minds.
P.S: ok. This is my last post on Dasavatharam


maxdavinci said...

Kamal is a genius, hez brought this serpent to bite our bosoms...

mentions the word chaos theory and all this so-called-educated fans create chaos on blogs worldwide with their comments and forwards....

Pradeep Kumar said...

ROTFL.. I was just wondering what to post in my blog when I received the same forward from a pretty pissed of kamal fan.. tat was just awesome..

Especially the last line in that forward:
Now tell me, does THIS movie lack a story? This movie has the most beautiful story ever attempted in Indian cinema. Unfortunately, Indian viewers and critics are obsessed with the "boy meets girl" and "revenge" themes, so they fail to see the story in this master piece.//

I can understand the types who somehow with great difficulty complete the "god of small things" and start talking about how great the book was and the implied meaning blah blah..

But I somehow can't understand the types who read "chandamama" and start talking of implied meanings! WTF

Anupadmaja said...

Bharath, did you know that Sai Baba was a muslim?

bala said...

DASA is just a narration of how chaos theory applies..Do agree that certain people try to over indulge in this regard..See this time Kamal was clever..when he made very sensible movies, ppl rejected it..he this time saw a way around to explain some science and faith through this 10 roles which was commercial...No doubt he is skilled to make it more intense or more commercial (even more)...but sometimes sick of ppl who try to relate whatever he makes to be perfect...
DASA is neither perfect not imperfect..its different things to different people and kamal has succeeded to escape from the role of "very-complex-story-telling" person..and managed to fool around certain people..A tic for tat ??? :-)

DASA is lame man terms of how things can be connected and chaotic in nature..the tools used by kamal are sensible if not perfect - the bio-weapon, faith, science and philosophical connection..

six degree of seperation though not very true it makes sense..

But Fans doing Ga Ga for all he does and giving the most weird explaination is something to be considered as fanatism out of the world..

- Bala

Karthik Sriram said...

Hawkeye Annathey,

Makkal indha blogposts-um chaos theory-kum sambandham nu sonnalum solluvaanga.. Already 2-3 kamal veriyargaloda sandai mandai odanjaachu ennaku... oru maha confused padathukku ivlo support ah? Enna kodumai saaaar idhu?

Sundar Narayanan said...

the butterfly effect-ne oru movie vandudhu.. ashton kuchner padam.. not bad!


somehow that movie does not get mentioned much ...

that has a better "kaadhula poo" effect than all these other Chaos movies.


I said...

why should educated folks know everything?

Anonymous said...

i, nanna kettel pongo, mandaiyla adicha maadhiri. adhellam apdiye varudhu dhaan ille?

Pradeep Kumar said...

ennatha padichi ennatha panna..

Sriram said...

Education is a minimum guarantee to success. This blogger tried to explain that in a 1000 word post on neeya naana.

Filarial said...

Ha Ha.

Hawkeye said...


there is no excuse that they can give. thats why. they can't say "I am uneducated I don't know chaos theory". i asked the same kostin in a blog 40 people argued with me.


athu seri. you r one of those 40 people.


oru use'um illai

Hawkeye said...


that was the 1950s guy who has a show on TV.

This is the new sai baba.

jingili said...

How can u leave the movie "butterfly effect"?
Andha padam purija adha pathi review eludhu pakalam

Anonymous said...

I have never understood Chaos theory apart from the usual butterfly effect, but if I recall right, there were references to this theory in Jurassic park(atleast the book).

Anybody care to chip in?

I thought you gave up recording " athi bayangramalu" in grand canyon - what happened to that resolution?


Anonymous said...

that 1950's guy died in 1918. not sure how this is relevant here though.

Anupadmaja said...

"that 1950's guy died in 1918. not sure how this is relevant here though."

Oh it is relevant.

jingili said...

Tyler Durden said...


Ray Bradbury's short story "A Sound of Thunder" is the earliest book that I can remember. Jurassic Park was probably the most popular book to reference it, and certainly the first book I ever read on chaos theory.

The movie version of ASOT is on the Sci-fi channel as I type. The CGI of the movie is so poor that it stands head and shoulders with Dasavatharam.

Hawkeye said...




good comment on 'god of small thing'. thats like high-scoiety book.


I always appreciate Kamal for the new things he does. I am probably less of a fan these days. There were times when I used to think he was god. His main problem so then was he'd have good content but poor marketing. With dasa he is doing good marketing w/o content.


the world is like that. you could find Vijay fans say Azhagiya thamizh magan is the best thamizh movie ever. I had a rajini fan say 'naatukku oru nallavan' was better than Guna.


yes! i remember that movie. But still I think Sliding Doors and Run Lola were much better examples. Not babel, Amores Perros etc.


he he. potti'kku pullai pethukara mathiri irukku. Antha padathukku ippo naan yen review ezhuthanum?

are you pointing me to the davatharam characters Vs 10 avatharams connection in that orkut profile. If that is the real thing from kamalagasan POV then this movie is more stupid than I thought. My flippant trivia correlation were much better.


yes. Jurrasic park book was the first time I heard this term. Athi Bayankramulu makes a come back.


/* that 1950's guy died in 1918. not sure how this is relevant here though.*/

its not. thats why i said its not the 1950s guy. but serahcing for relevance here is too much.


thanks for letting us know about the book.

Anonymous said...

Run Lola Run was fantastic. I guess Kamal Veriyans don't see beyond Kamal movies. Wasn't sliding doors copied into 12B. I would say atleast 12B was a better movie than Dasavatharam.