Tuesday, June 17, 2008


There was a time when people were funny. Not any more. Standing in line to get my Dasavatharam ticket, I saw (no heard) the usual stereotypical people who hang around theaters and talk loudly for the benefit of others. Its hard to assign the psychological basis for trying to impress people in public places. Impressing people whom you don't know and you will never see, seems futile. Blogs and TFMpage forums exist. So they can, I suppose. Ability to talk thamizh and be understood in a public place in US gives some people the kicks and they cash in on it during events and cinema theaters. So there was this gang of 7 boys and 1 girl. 4 of those boys were loud and boorish. They were doing the formulaic thing of talking loudly to the girl, ottifying her to impress other unknown people standing by. They were also trying to impress her and did the usual vaazhishal things to her. They belonged to a large gang of 20-30 people. Almost all of them decided to pass loud comments during the movie. While it is true that I didnt pay $15 to listen to these idiots, the least they could have done is be funny. Unsurprisingly, all those people cracked poor jokes and were consistently annoying. The concept of 'Ottifying' is dead. 'Vaazhishaal' reigns supreme

As luck would have it they sat right next to me, behind me and in front of me.

Last summer, I watched a fungus called Sivaji thrice and the 2nd viewing proved to be better. Dasa is bad but not Sivaji-bad. Being a Kamal fan and all that - I wanted to see Dasa another time given the radically re-adjusted expectations. For the second viewing we booked a 9:30 PM show to specifically avoid desi parents who bring noisy kids to the cinema hall. That didn't work. I found that I was stuck between gangs of boys who thought their stupid comments were actually humorous and desi parents whose kids wouldn't shut up. Maybe those parents hoped that the kids would eventually sleep. But they didn't. A kid kept asking loud questions to her dad every time the audience laughed. Her dad wouldn't shut her up. I felt like slapping the kid like the way Srividhya did in Punnagai Mannan. As for the comedy guys. These were 'achu-bichu ambichu' guys who would be spit on if they ventured to make a loud comment in PerInbaVilas theater, Nellai. In sleepy town America they assumed that they were some big pistha or dada.

Unfortunately, theater jokes have had a sudden demise. I have made similar posts like this before and probably will do so again. People and their comments aren't funny anymore. I vaguely remember movie-watching experiences where people used to be 'witty'. They passed comments that were genuinely insulting and hilarious. I remember enjoying listening to the comments of the theater crowd in many places from Palaymkottai to Thanjavur. Nowadays, people aren't original and mostly people mimic the same movie dialogs with the same accent. Suddenly the yuppie crowd has discovered the coolness of watching a movie first-day-first-show and we have terribly unfunny people trying to be a hero in theaters. Its as if the Goundamanis, Thangavelus and Viveks of the world have been buried dead and we are now left to deal with Y.G. Mahendrans, Charlies, Kaathadi Ramamoorthi, Surali Rajans and Karunas of the world.

A better idea would be to burn the DVD of MMKR and put an obituary for humor in 'The Hindu'.


anantha said...

Ya.. Better yet is the people who bring toddlers to horror/monster flicks and dont take the kid out when the terrified kid starts screaming because of the sudden noises.

anantha said...

Last summer, I watched a fungus called Sivaji thrice and the 2nd viewing proved to be better. Dasa is bad but not Sivaji-bad.

Ok. I will take that with a pinch of salt. At least you don't ramble for 1750 words about how "He" has brought Chaos Theory to the masses and then finally concluded with the clincher that Kamal used Chaos Theory and butterfly effect concepts first 20 years ago, as a plot device to kill Delhi Ganesh's character in Apoorva Sagodharargal.

Oruthan perumaiya idha enakku email vera panraan! I have forwarded the related email to you.

Hawkeye said...


I was surpised that you overlooked that sivaji part. now i am happy. i had a joke on the forwarded mail (btw that mail was really stupid) embedded in the blog but decided to remove it in the end.

the bit about chaos theory in that mail was utter nonsense. then i got another fwd explaining the 10 avatharams which actually said boovaragan = krishna and krishnaveni != krishna.

maybe i am getting too old for this.

maxdavinci said...

a fungus called Sivaji thrice

watched it even when you didnt like it the first time? were forced into it I guess.

that line kinda hurt but then it your view and I respect that. so lets not get into any rediff type slander, I gonna follow this post coz I predict a few coming.

Coming to the point, even I observed a gang from UMich(sorry!) who were making over the top dialogs just so that maamis around them would smile. Little did they realise that those maamis are busy with their noisy kids and there not even a wry smile in the hall.

Was really irritating as they yelled lakalakalaka everytime napolean spoke and made some 'gulti' joke everytime bally naidu appeared.

catch my point?

Hawkeye said...

i had booked preview (Abhirami) & FDFS tickets (Kamala) in advance! So I couldnt change them.

I was forced to see it the 3rd time in AVM Rajeswari a few weeks later. Wife is a die hard rajini fan.

I am not surprised that UMich guys made sad unfunny comments.

Ram said...

7 to 1 is a pathetic ratio... is Seattle metro that bad??? anyways, either theater jokes have had their demise or we simply are growing old to eppreciate them. One ReKOST... Don't use Dasa as a pointer to Dasavatharam.. that's the short form used for Dasaratha in Banker's Ramayana! :-)

Arun Sundar said...

Those 'trying-to-be-funny' losers are periya torture. And that too they get over-excited in places like movie halls. As u say, whats the point in impressing unknown ppl? Maybe someone should tell'em ppl spit on their jokes. Idiots.

Orey the blood boiling. Looosu desis in US.

Anonymous said...

What is your regular work?


Hawkeye said...



Friendly Stranger said...

People deliberately try to be funny to make people interested in them!
Nice post....

Karthik Narayanan said...

I chanced on your blog yesterday and have spent the time from then on reading up your archives...

Must say, enjoyed all of them and agreed with all of them, except of course the unkind comments on Rajini. :)

I found the ones on GMAT really good. Is there anyway to contact you so that I can get more information?

Anonymous said...

Was it an accidental replacement of 's' by 'h' in the title ;)

Venkat said...


I guess it's sometimes the tone in your posts that make people react as opposed to the actual content.

I agree with maxdavinci, this line hurt..

"a fungus called Sivaji thrice"

saying Dasa is not as bad as Sivaji is almost a no brainer when viewed in a certain context.
The real question (for me) is whether Dasa would make anywhere close to the money..

Hawkeye said...


good observation :-)

bala said...

how was ur DASA second time viewing ?

Hawkeye said...


since my expectations were set to a KS Ravikumar movie-level, i found the 2nd viewing much more satisfying than the first round.

although i noticed one more thing - What happened to those 2 FBI folks with coconuts? they dissappear midway.

its basis in chaos theory is weak and poorly presented.

Anonymous said...

Pachai kili pachayamma enna solra na

Define Irony- When the first person to comment "Ashes" post is the person who falls under the criticized category......now thats called irony