Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Watch out for David Fincher's latest movie. It tells a fantastic story. Adapted from a short story by Scott Fitzgerald, this movie tells a story of a man who has a curious life. He is born as an 85 year old and ages backwards. When he is 50 he falls in love with a 30 year old (Cate Blanchett) and he continues to grow younger, until he is 5. It has been interesting tracking news reports of this movie from the time David Fincher announced it. The technology, research and ideas (on Brad Pitt's reverse ageing process) they have used in the movie are said to be enthralling. Fincher is an underrated genius. I hope this positions him for an oscar recognition.

Watch the Trailer below. They began showing the first trailer of this movie during Indiana -3 movie. I couldn't get an English Trailer in You Tube. All I have is a Spanish version. But it shouldn't make a difference. The trailer looks really good.


Tyler Durden said...

It's quite a curious movie :-), something that only Fincher (and a few others) can pull off. Fincher is probably as "underrated" as Nolan or the Coen brothers (read: was underrated once, but now has awards/fans/bucks lining up). Thankfully, all these guys haven't gone the Wachowski way (touchwood). IMHO, someone like Paul Greengrass, or Del Toro could be called underrated (which, again, could be debated).

Lekhni said...

He probably lived in this universe then..

Hawkeye said...


well fincher is slightly underrated by critics. I was going to give a Wachowski comparison but you gave it already. But agree with you overall.


I saw that link in sowmya's blog and couldnt believe the coincidence :-)