Monday, August 18, 2008

Ad Zap

I initially started making fun of this college culturals clip. Then I was reminded of my own trip to the very same college culturals for the very same Ad Zap. 'Arva kolaru' (this term cannot be explained in English so I'll settle for "enthusiasm disorder") has spoiled the lives of more college students than any other single quality. We were given 'Annie French Shampoo" as the topic. The boys in our team (JB, Idea Mini and yours truly - for benefit of blog readers from my college) did not know what Annie French meant. The funny thing was - the girls in our team wouldn't tell us what it meant (I'll refrain from revealing my suspicions here). We went and did 1 round of advertisements in a generic sort of way and were cruelly boo'ed out.

The innocence of the college kids in this clip is very nice. Not even remotely funny. But it does remind one of college.


MLC said...

"anne french shampoo" nu padicha udaney i was LOL!! the guys who come up w/ such topics shd b gvn an award!!
p.s.: am orey the curious to knw what yr idea of AF was:-0

Anonymous said...

and in those days the culturals were in peter engliss.

u shld rite 'bout JB gettin caught by TTR in mambalam railway station on the mornin' of that day... LOL

Sriram said...

I have heard somebody translate aarva kolaru premature activities. Which I think is a bloody good approximation.

Anonymous said...

What is this "aarva kolar" business anyway.....