Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chakra Vyuham around Mambalam

I wonder how people coming form the East side of the Railway track will now go to Mambalam in an Auto

According to a press release, autorickshaws will be prohibited from the Venkatnarayana Road-Nageswara Road junction towards Duraisamy Road; from Brindhavan Street towards Duraisamy Subway and also on service roads from Pothys to Madley Road-Burkit Road junction and vice versa.

On a related note, a couple of years ago when the Usman Road flyover project began, I gave my own pet plan on how the idea might work. Anything to alleviate the problem would be a huge help. It was a positive sign that the government was doing something about it. What the DMK government has done is not something. Their actions can only be classified under anything. They might as well have built a candy machine at the center of Panagal park instead of this flyover. Both would have had the same effect. They just built a stupid flyover that connects South Usman and North Usman road. Doraisamy/Usman road traffic is not a Traffic Signal related problem. The problem is - too many vehicles travel in a narrow stretch of road. The flyover does nothing to divert those vehicles. Stopping Autos won't be enough. One has to remove the purpose of travelling through that stretch.

That's it. Now all the Kazha bolts in Mambalam will send a million letters to the editor of The Hindu, which will probably be used by the DMK people to wipe their asses.


Karthik Sriram said...

The letters to the editor in Hindu comment/observation = LOL.

Anonymous said...

Like Goundamani said, Appdiye nera poi bike oda jump panni appdiye pinnadi vandha 11 potralam. That's how people will get from Mambalam east to west! ROTFL for Letters to Hindu!

amanchap said...

Such scenarios are no deferent in other cities for instance in Hyderabad.

My mom makes frequent trips to hospital (twice a week ) for her dialysis. The auto fare for the return trip from the hospital is twice the amount she pays for going to the hospital because the auto Walla has to drive almost 4 kilometers to make a U turn, thanks to the cops who put the blockades between the ends of the either medians at all skewed intersections, just to avoid the hassle of controlling the chaotic traffic at those intersections.

May be soon there will be a competition for the world's longest median :P

Anonymous said...

I had the misfortune of traveling in that area last week, a day after the flyover opened.Not a single person could understand what the flyover does to alleviate the traffic.My auto guy said it succinctly."Saar, the flyover is for people who go buy jewelries so that they can reach the shops easily. Not for common commuters". Am not from Chennai and dont know much about the roads you are talking.But every single flyover I saw in my life did not have so much traffic around it.This flyover has so so so so so much traffic around it and not on the flyover.

Anonymous said...

Close down Pothys, Saravana and those silly stores that give rava kesari or badam milk to pull crowd. They are such a pain. The Flyover is so wide that it eats up almost 90% of already narrow junction.

SathyaRam said...

The society gets what they deserve and nothing more. if people want to buy dresses 365 days an year (I remember buying in the old shops in Pycrofts road once per year for Diwali and again for birthday) and used to longing for it. Now we get everything easy we go and buy anything we wish every week. Is there any prudence in this? All our ladies who want to buy jewels all the time and would like to get down in front of the shops and nowhere else deserve this kind of chaos

Srinivasan said...

Totally agree with the view expressed by Sathya. "The society get what it deserves".

Arun Sundar said...

Couple of years ago, on a diwali eve, the traffic cops decided they are not gonna allow autos to ply thru this panagal park area and the whole traffic was smooth flowing, that too in the rush hour. It was like a magic - no kidding.

Hawkeye said...


:-) vera vazhi!




i am sure india will win the median competition. which city is just academic.


its to alleviate the 1 way issue in s. usman road and make it 2-way. so the shop owners are happy.


if they close down pothys then the traffic problem becomes too unimportant to solve.


shops contribute to the traffic i agree. But morning 9 AM when only few of the shops are open - why is there so much traffic? I dont think shops are causing all of the traffic.




completely agree. I was there and know what you are talking about. its not just that deepavali eve. i came to the junction thinking i am in for a 40 minute wait and then passed by the junction in 2 minutes.

Maha said...

you mean ONE WAY --->> DEAD END!

Anonymous said...

lol@title. :)