Wednesday, August 06, 2008


One can come up with a reasonably valid criticism against anything in this world. This includes the previous sentence. When one is aware of this, one merely indulges in picking and choosing what one likes to criticise and leaves out the rest that gives one relatively less entertainment. That's why it is perplexing when somebody else comes along and picks out a criticism, not with the intent of gaining pleasure but to point out a contradiction in one's criticism. With the hope inducing a change in opinion. In which case one is not wrong in assuming that this 'somebody-else' is less self-aware. This pushes the above-mentioned first sentence one more inch closer towards being an exception to itself.


R K said...


Udambu sowriyam daane?

amanchap said...

Criticisms generally become valid by a general agreement. More number of people agree with it the more valid it becomes. If criticism coming from various corners is one perspective, the other perspective would be the receiver’s reaction to these criticisms. May be it would be in the lines of the below

Anonymous said...

Oru mannum puriyala !

Lekhni said...

Let me add to the fun by criticizing this post too ;) It shouldn't be titled criticism, for that's not what it's about. It's about criticism of criticism. So the post should be called "Meta criticism" ;)

F e r r a r i said...

Here is a criticism from a regular RSS reader. There is nothing but criticism in your blog for sometime now. I want a kabali times post making fun of Nilus meesai la maNNu not ottifying in Sandeeps post. Thevai illama thamizh, sethusamudaram pathi ellam pesi nalla comedy :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. I had to read this 3 to 4 times to really get it. Ore pullu arikudhu ba.

No point nallasivam said...

"Brilliant. I had to read this 3 to 4 times to really get it. Ore pullu arikudhu ba." ... ivalo neram aacha idhu puriya ... adhu kuda ok .. purinjakkapporomuma brilliant solra ... ada makkey.

Ferrari ... nalla sonna.

Anonymous said...

no point nallasivam,

unakku puriyalai pola. So mudittu odi poidu.

Maha said...

well i stick with people from the argument clinic just to avoid the non entertaining criticisms.

Namrata said...

A very mature profound post that opens up layers. Moi agree 100%. Well expressed too.

Saravanan said...

Sari etho solla varanginu theriyathu. aana enna solla varengarathu thaan puriyala. vara vara unga blog kamal padam mathiri aagi pochu oru karumamum puriyala. may be you can send email to ur users explaining this post.

Anonymous said...

@Saravanan - Dasavatharam parthathulernthu Hawkeye kolambi poirukkaarnu nenaikiren, paavam!

Anuradha said...

Your posts are starting to get vague, and bordering on philosophical, may I say?. Are you experiencing mid-life crisis or something?


Anonymous said...


appappo enna indha maadhiri oru random philosophical reflection?

i might be groping, but is it the case that by making such posts you feel you're giving out the impression that this is not just another blog, but one that contains profound reflections as well?

take it from me, you don't have to do this. take goundamani for instance, somebody you revere and even idolise (as do i). his appeal chiefly lies in the fact that he observes happenings and lets you have his unvarnished opinions/comments on them (nachcunu nadu mandailaye).

i'd stringly suggest you try to emulate that spirit, which you have so successfully accomplished in the past, instead of wandering down psychobabbly bylanes for whatever reason.

i am fully aware that all said and done it's your blog at the end of the day, but then again, i do feel it wouldn't be out of place to let you have my thought and feedback, especially since i've really enjoyed a lot of your earlier posts.

a parting message or summary of my post could be expressed as: be truthful to what you are - it will always be welcome.

p.s. i realise that my earlier comment was a lot more 'raw', being an immediate reaction - i hope you decide to keep this one.

Hawkeye said...

interesting to observe questions on the motivations behind the post rather than the post itself.

eppo porul yar yar vai ketpinum
apporul mei porul kaanbathu arithu

Long Time Reader said...

Some of the comments here can be addressed by your T.Nagar Ladies Club post. When people don't understand something (btw fantastic write up) they discuss what they can understand, which leads to all this babble.

Anonymous said...

dei (kazhugu) kanna,

it is very understandable that this distinction between the 'speaker' and the 'speech' is made, and quite often at that.

if it were not, then no one would be cursing motta (mu ka) and gundachchi (jj) while they spew out their hypocritical, idealistic 'there-are-no-problems-in-tamil-nadu' monkey-vomit.

not that i am drawing a parallel between these low-lives and yourself, but it seemed to me that through this latest post you are seeking to project yourself as a being possessed of a subtle discriminative intellect, a force to be reckoned with.

your response to my previous comment - in which you state that i am 'attacking' the person as opposed to the statement - also (to me) is redolent of a holier-than-thou attitude.

as i've mentioned in my previous post, this is your blog, for yours to handle (mangle) as you would, but it does have a comments section, and for whatever it's worth, i am choosing to use it as a vehicle to express my views.

a brief inspection of the comments to this post will show you that i am not the only one who is befogged by this random post.

in any case, i honestly meant no offence - after reading your posts about madras, and having been born in lake view road, dearer-than-life west mamby, how could i possibly hold anything against you?

all i am saying here is: follow the path of the gounder and give us some kabali time!

peace...over and out.

Anonymous said...

"interesting to observe questions on the motivations behind the post rather than the post itself."

The reason we are protesting is because your blog used to be interesting and off late its getting extremely boring with rants about society and family politics and how great you are as opposed to others. Like the other anonymous says, revive the Koundamani in you man and go back to original fun hawkeye. We want this new annoying guy to get over his issues so we could get undisturbed hawkeye.

Anonymous said...

"interesting to observe questions on the motivations behind the post rather than the post itself." - apply that to your perception of our comments. dont assume every commenter is trying to attack you. we have a point too. we want you to bring fun hawkeye back to life. ippidi dhaan iruppa na adha sollidu inimey padikka onnum illainnu nanichindu varom.

Mahesh said...


anonymous - did hakkie say something that offended you so badly. Are you a motor bike rasigan or do you wear a nightie outside the house?

Otherwise I don't see any point in you ranting like this. Basically you are ranting that hakkie shouldn't rant.

Readers shouldn't decide what the author puts out. If you want this blog to be like that I am out of here.

Anonymous said...

nAnATi bratuku nATakamu
gAnaka gannadi kaivalyamu

Maami said...


I have been sitting quietly and watch you comment but now I am irritated. Why do you think you need to understand everything? Just because you are idiot and did not understand this post does not mean nobody else got it. It is not a random post. I am tempted to explain it but what would be the point? You would come back with a stupid response anyway.

how great you are as opposed to others Here is why I commented now. You have an inferiority complex. So you see this. I don't see this. So don't include readers like me with readers like you. Not all readers are alike.

Hawkeye said...


nAnATi bratuku nATakamu
gAnaka gannadi kaivalyamu

Yes. Its all a drama. Entertainment. Annamacharya rocks.

Hawkeye said...


sowriyam dhaan.




kitta thatta itha dhaan solren.


thanks for commenting to the post.


nandri hai!


yes. i agree.

anon, namratha,





definitely not midlife crisis. it may have come from a mid-day crisis though :-)

rest of the people,

no fighting please.

Anonymous said...

For those who claim to understand the post but not my comment ... "this post aside" ... read my comment. In general, I, an ardent reader of the hawkeye condemn not so fun hawkeye. The original fun hawkeye also poked fun at people but in a way that was also enjoyable to read - the diff between this post (not so fun) vs. hawkeye's nightie post (fun). Podhuma illai innum vilakkam venuma. Yebba. Why is saying "you are so good" the only way to say i like your blog? Why is asking for what i used to get necesarily bad/against hawkeye?

Anonymous said...

"I am the essence of overconfidence! I am speculation, adventure; the spirit of pursuit; the stag howling for its winsome yet anonymous mate. I am the love call of evolution; the perfume and color of the flowers as they offer their pollen to the gentle buzz of the bees. I am sex itself, gentlemen. I am life. I am appetite!"

What you wrote long ago is translating into your posts much apparantly recently.
- Ramesh

Hawkeye said...


:-). i am not sure if this is vaazhthal or thaazhthal but i take it as vaazhthal.

thanks for noticing that though. nobody does. Its a dialog from MASH btw.

Anonymous said...


Just focus on the post. Don't focus on why the author is writing it. Suddenly why this incredible focus on the author? Commenting folks are becoming judgmental?

I was about to comment on the post and found out there is no discussion here on it.

- Ananth