Saturday, August 30, 2008

Independence Day Follow-Up

With reference to what was mentioned here.


gradwolf said...

lol, the freshers party at school yesterday also had the same format!

comparing them, it is of course correct to say, "this is the only form of fun ppl know" and " mindlessness", "there is no need to be patriotic anymore"

Sriram said...

That dj anshul probably has an asshole where his face should be.

maxdavinci said...

independence day cruise on this late? enna sarr idhu?

Hawkeye said...


:-). since thre is no cricket field here the only place to make fool of oneself seems to be ID dance meets.


:-) i never get the DJ part. mostly they dont mix but just double click mp3 songs on a monitor.


yes. kaasu pudunga neram ethukku.