Thursday, August 14, 2008

Independence Day

I love the way Indians in American Grad Schools (and outside grad school too) celebrate different days in completely diverse and unique ways. Take Diwali for instance. They get together in a community hall, eat catered food, drink alcohol and dance all night to random Bhangra music. New Years Day is just remarkable. Its completely different as in a "violently different love story" from Bollywood. Desis get together in a community hall, eat catered food, drink alcohol and dance all night to Random Bhangra music. Indians celebrate their birthday in uniquely different way. They get together in some one's house, eat food served by the birthday person, drink alcohol and then dance all night to random Bhangra music.

Independence day is unique among all these days. The patriotic fervor of true red-blooded Indians comes to the fore. Maybe I am an emotional Indian at heart and simply can't stop loving this country more and more. But I love it when patriotism is expressed out by loving citizens in its truest form. On this day Indians do the radical stuff. They stick flags in their shirt, get together in a community hall, drink alcohol, eat catered food and dance all night to some random bhangra music. When I see the message "come celebrate Independence day at the Downtown dance bar and club" I want to shout "I love my country".


MLC said...

LOL! unga nakkal ku alavey illai:-)

amanchap said...

Happy Independence Day. I yearn to return to India, miss it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Adada adadi.. adedei - Gounder style... Ver eppadi da kondada mudiyum...Iruntha sollu Do you want desis to do some firework..LOl. I have been getting forwarded emails to have a falg in my desktop corner... so it's in high pitch now...

- Ganesh

Santhosh C said...

haha so true. thank goodness there are other people like me in this world. I especially like the "I go to sleep by 9.30 PM' label :D

Anonymous said...

love this post, truely an honest opinion, and i completely agree

Anonymous said...

I love this post. After a long time, something that has has made sense without being verbose.....

Happy Independence day!


Anonymous said...

how else do you propose the human species to remain social? ;-)


Praveen said...

OMG! It’s so true that it’s not funny…you might just have to replace some basic parameters like, country, Bhangra etc but the underlying truth remains effectively told whether you are desi in USA, Canada, Australia or Timbuktu

I couldn’t have expressed similar thoughts of mine in any better way.

Good on you.

Bharath Sattanathan said...
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Bharath Sattanathan said...

Hmm I wonder how they celebrate it in India!

jingili said...

Back home,v celebrate all festivals in a unique way too...We get up and scrub religiously and watch watevr "indiya tholaikatchigalil muthan muraiyaga" movie for the umpteenth time and watch mokai tamil heroine interviews and set new limits to our eatin capabilities

Anonymous said...

L. Happy 15th to you. You can join the fun at the dance bar or do it my way and WEAR the tricolors. I am quite sure Green pants, white shirt and a saffron baseball cap would look very good on you :P


Anonymous said...

Well, irrespective of culture, all forms of revelry involve food, drinking and dancing don't they?

Anonymous said...

Sirippo Sirippu! Good one. Happy Independence day, Jai Hind!

maxdavinci said...

lol super nakkal!

But yea thats all we did in grad school! It's just another reason to eat desi food and sway to desi music.

But then back home also ppl just watch the parade at 7:30(ok 10% of the ppl who wake up) and then spend all day watching independence day spl movies and interviews!

We'd atleast assemble in the grad hall and sing the antional anthem before distributing samosas in the morning. Evenings we'd book a local pub and sway mindlessly!

Anonymous said...

probably you've just aged, and nothing else...

but nice nakkal, nevertheless! :)

sundar said...

:)) Concisely written and completely true. laughed my heart out at the tags.

I said...

watch sun tv special programs. adhu soopera irukku.

In Want of Being Me said...

Brilliant post !

It's rather stupid to celebrate independence day this way !

Now, that you have this post, what'd a desi friend of yours do, who invited you to the independence day celebrations, and is also a regular reader of your blog ?

Saraks said...

Full agree with you. People who turn up for Independence day only when there is mandatory attendance just turn into these patriotic junkies after traveling thousands of miles.

My school was even worse. They made me shout Vande Matharam and all that and there was no free food. Man its hard being a desi student.

Anonymous said...

Found this when I was reading an Eraly interview. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

Indians lead pretty limited life abroad. I find it sad actually....

Better ways to celebrate Independence day? Some volunteer work, blood donation drive, maybe an initiative to start an Indian school (can't be done in a day but how about a pledge...even an empty one)....and so many other things....

Some in India to celebrate things in a more meaningful way. But then how is July 4th celebrated in the US. Fireworks? Shopping? Going to the beach? Driving across the country?....

Hawkeye said...


its desa patru.




have you seen the office desi email alias go berserk during these times? :-) karmaanthram pidicha pasanga.


:-). thanks.




thanks. long time no see.


belated budday wishes. will call you.


thanks. so you from ozland! isn't bhangra popular there too.


i got up late. i slept in the afternoon. Watched TV that showed ciname programs. slept early.


watching Namitha say philosiophical stuff about life, death and karl marx is real freedom. in those days only ugly men with khadar sattai were allowed to say such stuff.

reen pant, white shite and Saffron cap. I'll be roped in to be part of the large dance ghoshti in a tamil/teugu film.


no idea about other cultures. all i know is any form of monotonousness is easy to make fun of.


thaiyeen mani kodi pareer...


/*We'd atleast assemble in the grad hall and sing the antional anthem before distributing samosas in the morning. Evenings we'd book a local pub and sway mindlessly!*/

which grad school is this.


yes. i have seen too many parties. sometimes in the middle of a party i cant remember if its august 15th or deepavali.


you should watch devon street on aug 15th. its really something. makes you want to turn in your passport and revoke your own citizenship.


haven't yet. will certainly watch them in the evenings this week.

in want of being me,

everybody i know have no expectations from me. give up onli are there mama.


which school? US grad school. The last time. my school forced us to come for 2 hours on I-day. sama bore.


I wrote it. its in my links section.


i'd rather have a country celeberate independence day once every 5 years and make that day the election day.

Anonymous said...

I have been lurking around. Just never got the push to write a comment. Also, busy with In-laws coming over and am enjoying all mariyaadai and food :-)