Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ghusboo Temple

Now, we've all heard of this story. North Indians, surprisingly, seem to know more about this than most who grew up in TN. I was narrated a story about how a small one line rumor led to a war etc etc and that got me thinking about this story. Was there really a temple? Has a photo of this temple ever been published? Did it have a Khusboo diety in it? Did worshippers ever come there?

Did two people really keep a Kushboo photo inside a hut, kept two bricks underneath it, shat on the brick and began to call it a temple ? Or, is it one of the myths about Thamizh Nadu that pleases some very stupid N. Indian media people (Barkha Dutt types)? You know the one where they go like "here is a negative story about Thamizh Nadu. Lets add it to the pile of negative Thamizh Nadu stories, which show them as cine-crazy medieval stone gathering Neanderthal conservative people, and refer this in every alternate news item about that state".

How did the 3rd entry in three major stereo types of TN - (1) Thamizh Nadu has politicians who are cinema actors, (2) Thamizh nadu is conservative and (3) Thamizh Nadu has Kushboo temple - get created? (The fourth stereotype about Fair & Lovely apparently isn't getting much traction because it tends to give some sort of a back handed compliment). In most conversations I remember from the past - people from north, who want to feel good about themselves, take so much effort and pains to point this out that I'd like to get to the bottom of this. There are certainly idiots among Thamizhans. Pal Abhishekam of Rajini posters is a testament to that. So there is a semi-decent chance that such a temple might've existed. But something tells me that this is a rumor worth investigating. Last I knew this great holy place was rumored to have been located near Trichinapalli. I haven't seen a single photo of it. Has anyone seen a photo of this place?


Anonymous said...

Romba nalla question.

Babri Masjid -- vida seriousana issue. But I have also heard there is some Bacchan temple in Kolkatta.

Anyway here is a kadi for you:
South India-la Narthangai kidaikkum.
Aaana, North India-la Southangai kidaikuma?!


Anonymous said...

In one of the shows too there is a mention, I forget which one:

amanchap said...

Should watch this.

Somewhere in the middle of this vedio clip

He I am from india..and you ...........Watch it :)

amanchap said...


Saravanan said...

I don't think temple was built for Kushboo. I vaguely remember reading that some guys took kushboo's cut out and put it in a hut and called it temple for publicity. This was sensationalized by Tamil media. There is a temple for Gandhi in TN( ). I feel it is as stupid as kushboo's temple(if it existed).

maduraiveeran said...

I dont know about Khushboo temple but I have had Khushboo idli. They used to serve steaming hot nice puffy white idlis in our college canteen and they named it Khushboo idli (Yes that was the product name!). Till date I dont know why they called it by that name ;) After a few months they changed the name to Sangavi idli. It was the same idli and nothing changed except the name. Finally that name was abolished and they named it Malligai poo idli.

Anonymous said...

why not namitha idli? Or shakila would be more apt.

maxdavinci said...

I've seen pics of the bachchan temple in kolkota in the news. It isnt a temple but more like a museum with posters of all his films etc.

Khusboo temple is the fav comeback line for my northie frnds durin any north-south argument. Even if we are debating sambar vs dal makhni, it will invarialbly end with 'tum saale heroine ke mandir banate ho'..

I however heard that the khusboo temple was destroyed after her media comments on pre-marital dingdong n stuff...

Sriram said...

The temple was really a thatched hut with a photo of hers. More like the communist/kazhagam sponsored library in the muchandhi. I have seen a photo of it in dinathanthi type paper.

But is is funny that it is a talking point for north indians. the next time they say this to you, tell them that any race that considers abishek bachchan to be sexy is rotten.

Maha said...

there is a renowned temple for a musician in Thiruvaiyyaru and that has totally come to acceptance now.
may be inconceivably absurd now but a temple for kushboo/rajini/vijaykanth in 150 years is a possibility.

Hawkeye said...

the kadi joke is bayangaram :-)

north india'la veppangai kedaikkum.




russell peters is now like a youtube cult thing.


thats what i suspected.

maduraiveeran & anon,

i'd support namitha idli over kusbhoo idli anyday. although I dont think namitha idli can be eaten by one person. over several days maybe.


how can that temple be destroyed. i a good gust of wind blows, poster will fly and hut will fall down.


Ive never had a khushboo argument with anybody. ive just heard them say it in media and in geneal forums.


thiruvaiyaaru temple mela enna kobamo?

Anonymous said...

Namitha akka ku kovil katranga..this is the latest news ba..She deserves it i say

gradwolf said...


Talking about the north south debate, Did you see this?

You should write a post on this!

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