Monday, August 25, 2008

On Conversations

Me: dei, pesaama nee Rajinikanth photoo'va perumal room'la vechukko.
Cousin: Illai, venumnaa, naan perumal photo'va Rajinikanth room'la vechikaren

P.S: I'll let some of the esteemed commentors attempt an english transliteration. I tried but couldn't do it.


kowthas said...

LOL :)

Hawkeye: Yo, just as well shift Rajini's idol onto the altar!

Hawkeye's cousin: I could shift the altar out into Rajini's shrine if you'd like?


maduraiveeran said...

Hawkeye: Hey, Without talking you keep Rajinikanth Photo in perumal room.

Cousin: No, Want means, I keep Perumal Photo in Rajinikanth's room.

MLC said...

indha mariyaadhai yellam thalaivar ku mattum dhaan porundhum:-)!

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

BTW nijamaave anda madri fan ellam irukaangala illa idhu usual masala va?

venkiraja said...

Sir,nice to read short posts of yours.I got inspired by this blog(and a few others as well)and started my own.Pleased to welcome you there.
//I love your English in Tamil post//

venkiraja said...

Sorry,my blog's new address is

Awaiting your comments.

Sriram said...

hawkeye - (you punk) might as well hail rajni as god.

cousin - (you irony deficient old man) i will hail god as rajni.

deinonychus said...

another sam anderson!!!