Monday, August 18, 2008

Random People who change your life.

She signed my thesis. She needn't have. She could have let me drown in that quick sand called thesis-option. In a chaos called life, strange unknown people from far away lands who speak strange languages are placed in curious positions and situations, where, for no specific reason, they get to help other unknown people from far away lands who speak a strange tongue.


Anonymous said...

sad :-(


maduraiveeran said...

Wait, are you going back to Dasavatharam again?

Hawkeye said...


no response to my email?


if that were the case I would have said "kaiyyaaaas theory" like the way Kamal does.

maduraiveeran said...

ha ha ... BTW, Your labels are funny :) I dont think anyone can come up with Asingambudicha Algorithms.

Suvarna said...

i know exactly what you mean.nice thinking!

Karthik Sriram said...

Thats sad - but at the same time interesting to see she signed your thesis. I had a desi prof who refused to sign on mine, just because he wanted to BM me to agreeing to a PhD...


Anonymous said...

I responded, no?

nm said...

dei b, just came to know of this sad news. she was such a nice person.... a great loss indeed. Several times, when the subject of QoS popped up here, i used to think about her.


Hawkeye said...


yes. its really sad. she kuthified like crazy and i haven't seen anyone do more hard work than her.

remember we took that 891 QoS course with her in fall and almost signed our own death sentence. bayagara course athu. thank god she dumbed down the exams.

ofcourse suri's contant "chao-ju" routine also comes to mind :-)

sexy said...