Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Sunday Evening Guy

The Sunday evening guy within us is very different from the more popular weekend guy or the notorious weekday guy. The Sunday evening guy is also very very unlike the Friday/Saturday night guy, the sports guys and the vacation guy. The Sunday evening person has no ambition. He is terrified of the weekday guy, especially the Monday morning guy that he is about to become soon, and he already misses the weekend guy. The Friday night guy is now a distant dream. He does not even remember that guy anymore. But he longs for that guy. Everybody wants to be the Friday afternoon guy. You know, the one who switches off the light in his office, shuts down his computer and heads home for the weekend. Friday afternoon guys lead the happiest life among all of them. They were the guys who got to pack their school bags after the Friday 3:20 - 4:00 social studies period and run home for the weekend. Friday afternoon guy, Friday night guy and Saturday guy are happy guys. They have the future in front of them. There is no doubt that every Sunday Evening Guy wants to be them.

The Sunday Evening guy is at the center of a person's universe. He is the central pivot around which everybody rotate and live their lives. He holds the key to the overall well-being of that universe. He is the key transition point between a person's life and person's work. Sometimes the birth of this guy is premature. He is born immediately after people take a bath on Sunday morning (read as afternoon). The ancient rishis uvach'ed out a proverb that defined the Sunday evening guy. They said "if you take a bath, Sunday is over, the weekend guy dies and the Sunday evening guy shall be born". Which is why the weekend guy is so afraid of taking a bath early on a Sunday morning. It is a curse some weekend guys live with. The weekend guys who survive the bath, live long enough to eat a hearty meal on a Sunday afternoon and take a 2 hour nap. That is as far as any weekend guy gets to go. The guy who gets up after that nap is the Sunday evening guy. There is no turning back after that.

Sunday evening guy is a pensive guy. You could say that he has got that tinge of sadness about him. He rues his career, his ambition, his work and his entire life. Legend has it that Sunday evening Isaac Newton initially wrote his first law as "An object will stay at rest and at extreme incredible intertia unless a cheap dastardly unwanted massive humongous force acts on the particle against the particle's wishes". The Monday morning Newton got into a lot of trouble for that and so it was changed eventually. If the Sunday eveing guys ran the world they would halt all progress and extend the Sunday evening up until Thursday. It is the pleasure of being the Friday afternoon guy that will eventually stop them from extending it all the way.

Now, that does not mean that the Sunday evening guy is an unhappy guy. Sunday evening is that nexus of the universe where a person experiences an uneasy mixture of sadness and happiness. Sunday Evening guy's mental state is similar to that of a prisoner who experiences a conjugal visit before being sent to the gallows. The danger of what is to hit that person on Monday morning at school, at work lurks in the corner of the mind. However, there is peace for the moment. You don't have to deal with it now. The real world has been suspended for now.

In the days where Friday/weekend/Sunday Evening guys didn't have the 24 X 7 satellite channels, Doordarshan's Sunday evening movie was culmination of a series of rare but valuable entertainment events for the weekend that began with the Friday night guy watching Oliyum OLiyum. The Sunday evening guy peacefully loses himself with a walk in Marina Beach, maybe a light tiffin at Woodlands Drive-in before he quickly hurries back home to watch the movie. He might get to see a really bad movie but the Sunday evening is a period of serenity that will be unparalleled for at least a week. In today's world, the lives of weekday, weekend, Friday night guys have undergone massive changes whereas the changes to Sunday evening guy's life has been minor. You could go as far as saying that the Sunday evening guy's life has become less peaceful. He does not like to be surprised on Monday so he watches a movie on Sunday afternoon and spends Sunday evening catching up on email and arranging his Inbox. Sunday evening guy may experience a few minor lifestyle changes over time but the essence of the Sunday evening guy will remain for eternity.


Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

But on rare weekends such as this, the sunday eve guy has life and future ahead.

But yeah, Sundays, post 6pm are the darkest. I was just now remarking to a friend of mine - at the 25th birthday we should have a choice of either going forward or backward in age. I'd do anything to sleep-eat-blabber in baby talk language - sleep again - eat - blabber...... once more.

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

And once NFL starts, Sundays literally 'rush' (sorry for the bad PJ :P).

And this blogpost of yours is as seinfeld-ish as it could get! I meant that as a compliment. ;-)

SathyaRam said...

And the Sunday evening guy thinks that he should cherish every moment till the Monday morning and in fact he takes a vow for it, tries to forget that there is something called Monday but he spends up lot of time thinking about Monday that Sunday evening flies off...

You have written really well that too I liked the way you have written that after the bath, Sunday evening guy steps in....

bombay dosti said...

this wednesday is a holiday here for ganesh chaturthi..cant express the joy...ya, but its transition from friday guy to sunday guy in a very very short time .. but anything for a holiday!!
cool post.. you said it!

The Buddha said...

In Doordarshan days, the news after the Sunday evening movie served as the death bell for Sunday and set a kind of melancholy in you.

you missed the reprieve one would get on a rare long (Monday-off) weekend's Sunday after realizing there's one more day left for the weekend to be over. The only bad part is, you would realize that only by Sunday evening.

Very nice post.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. For me, Sunday in those days meant He-man and Vikram Betal. Often, I also used to watch the Regional language file in the afternoon and doze off. The evening movie is usually something that is not known at all but we still see it. When DD changes to national by 9PM it is all gone!

someday said...

Why do ppl take the "sunday" in "sunday evening guy" literally and start petitioning for a monday evening guy on long weekends? On long weekends there is no sunday evening guy on sundays, he shows up on monday evening... (or tuesday or whatever...)

The Talkative Man said...

LOL! Classic post...

I'm reminding of those sad days in DD-only 80s where I desperately hung on to movies like "Poojaiku Vandha Malar" before they led us the next morning(like lambs to the slaughter) to the Morning Assembly followed by uniform checks :(

Raj said...

ada ada ada... nice post...

Even though saturday is the greatest.. if there is any fun/once-in-a-while activity that has been planned for Sunday... like going for a short picnic or any function at relative's place or similar things... you start to feel the monday blues right on saturday itself.. thinking that sunday will be short lived...

Hawkeye said...


i want my college life back. no work, tv, sleep, no responsibility.

nandri hai about seinfeld. he had a stand-up on weekend guy making the weekday guy jobless.


after bath sunday evening guy fills upthe space. its amazing.

bombay dosti,



i hated that 8:40 news on sunday. there is no turning back after that.


sometimes i'd watch dd national until that stopped.


:-). in a world run sunday evening guys, if they manage to push the weekend to thursday. then the sunday evening guy who shows up on wed evening will still be dreadful.


i dont know whats scary about monday morning, the cycle tst, the unfinished HW or the assembly checks.


nandri hai. yes. sunday must be completely fre of activities. otherwise sunday is just like a work day.

bonziegal said...

Wow! Brilliantly written. Echoes my feelings too. The same dread that filled your soul way back in middle school days continues to step in announced to this day every week.

Arun Sundar said...

Nethi adi.

The Talkative Man said...

For me it was the sight of the grim PT Master, brandishing a cane, ordering us to march quietly up the stairs after assembly.

Every time some kid got thrashed, I hoped(in vain) the teachers would declare us unfit for education and wash us off their hands. It never happened.