Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Blog Ula II

2008 has been the year of disgruntlement at Hawkeye's blog. It has been a veritable 'Summer of George' marathon, filled with disagreements, anger and further disagreements with the world at large. Blog Ulas have suffered as a result. I have been biased towards blogs (or posts) that are in a similar mood. Blogs are an interesting phenomena. Its really not a splendid original invention, just a rehash of the Radio (or the Thiruvizha) concept but it has its own flavor. I have always found blogs which express real opinions as fascinating. Now real can have many meanings and lets not get into technicalities here. Let me share my 2 cents on blogging in this post.
Sometimes bloggers are like new employees in a company. They start in an idealistic fashion, have Utopian views, are tactful, diplomatic and generally pander to the needs of their audience. Care is take not to write anything controversial or express an opinion that is real. When they do write strongly, its mostly on the oft-repeated regular bashing pads like religion, tam-brahm'ness, superstition, Australian cricket team, George Bush, and USA. These things don't talk back and so there is no real risk of offending anybody. In effect nobody says anything worthwhile. All this changes as they begin to blog for a while or generally get riled up about something. Then the need for tact goes away.
Given this, the only way to get a real opinion is to kick people in the teeth (metaphorically speaking) and get a real discussion out of them. People are at their best when there is some adrenalin. As anybody who has been with a group of close friends would attest, a good argument happens when people don't care about tact and are bare bones about their opinions, really get their hands dirty and fight. We don't agree with them. But its fun and more importantly, its entertaining. The above is just an "indru oru thagaval" introduction. The blogs that I am about to Ula may or may not fit into the spirit mentioned above but many sure do rant.
I-Sriram is a notorious blogger. Nobody knows if he is serious about the stuff he writes. Here, he is at his controversial best. I laughed for such a long time after reading that post. Gradwolf isn't about to let go of the beaten-to-death topic but it brings out the best in him. Rads vents & rants at the world at large. It is hard write a dignified post when you are meeting a fellow blogger who is suffering from cancer. Chenthil keeps it real. The person herself, and I have read this post a zillion times, writes one of the best posts I've ever read so far announcing the beginning of her end (Note: Lalita is no more). Then we have a post where LKS meets life and Sundar gives us a fact of life. Arun Sundar rants his 2 cents on blogging and patriotism. Janani rants against hawkeye ranting against Dasavatharam. Fair point. I like her blog. Two Kostins for her though: have you ever used a 'souchalyam' as opposed to the regular toilet? Do you think Asin is a "near perfect potrayal" of the dim-witted brahmin woman? Suresh's rant on Dasavathram makes me think that she'd kill him in case they met (as a result of chaos theory).
I remember writing a similar post long back, but Sudipta hits the nail on the head on blogs and ideas. He also writes a blunt post that breaks a few stupid myths. 12th man really does a detailed rant on people using a special type of elevators found in his work place. He is very specific. Gans does a rant on news delivery today. I don't watch news. Never watched it. So this rant was particularly interesting. Lekhni rants about our favorite topic. The anonymous commenter. George rants against poor action sequences in new movies. Priya Bhaskaran makes me rant against diet, gym and other bad stuff. Her recipes rock. Wake up Vidhya! Finally Varnam rants on the stupid thought prevalent in India that tends to combine Sanskrit and communalism as a package set.
So there you go. I did a Blog Ula on rants. Granted, I don't have the kind of time these days to pick out the best rants and show them to you. This is the best I could do with my time. I think, I'll go back to my once a week blogging frequency with the hope that the next Blog Ula would be a humor Ula.


Anonymous said...

:) beeen readin ur blogs since hours now...

read many posts ... was thoroughly entertaining..

loved the orkut-analysis ... and the first day blues.. :)) LOL!!

Seriosuly, funny and amazing stuff...but some of ur writes are totally predictable ..

change that if possible !! :P

:) Great post mortem on every subject loved the isaac newtons theory too...haha humongus object ..lol lol lol!!

:) !! And orkut is surely filled with male homosapiens.... expd ne just after reading ur blog....

off to chnage my settings... tada..:)

rads said...

lol, blog Ula on rants eh? :)
Here I was wondering why there were so many hits on my vents and rants! Was the weather getting to someone so much that they had to listen to my rants?!

Nice nevertheless :)

Talking about timing, I just posted a rant post :D

Pethal-Penathal said...

Blog ula ponniyey enna therinchikita? Namma blogla mattum thaan adichikaraangala illa matha bloglayum ithey nilama thaana-nrtha therinchikitaya? Bloggers pathi blog ezhudita. ippo athula comment vidaravangala pathi oru post yezhuthi paaren.

My 2 cents. Angayum namma pasanga adichupaanga.

Lekhni said...

That linkfest must have involved a lot of digging into everyone's archives -and all that to find rants ? :)

Sriram said...

You indebted to so many people to return links?

Anonymous said...

heh, i was about to ask the same question as sriram. only few days back I was wondering how many blogs are named "random musings" "random rants" and other permutations of "rants"!

Hawkeye said...

sweety ( i hope I can call you that - I barely know you),

:-) thanks.




you have to thank blogs. its a good ventilation point. if the maamiyars of those days had a blog not many marumagals would have dies in stove accidents.


Most of them i got to them from memory. it was easier to find. i knew you had blogged about anon commentors but it took me a while to narrow down my search query.


how dare you say that? half the people i linked have never linked me. avalavu paraantha manasu enakku.


you have to wonder about the number of blohs which dont have a *rant* in their title but still go on to rant. Rants are good. Almost 90% of all blog posts are rants. Some make interesting reading.

although i have the word 'musings'. I dont know what its good for.

maxdavinci said...

besh besh..

those were some pretty good links. Though all of them are onmy blogroll, it was fun to read through the archives.

Gotta give it to you for the extensive searching...

janani said...

And I thought my post was sort of a mini review of Dasavatharam and not a rant!

To answer your kostins: 1) I don't say that, but I am not a 80 year old woman living in a village middle of nowhere 2) You got me there. Asin was blehhh!!

And oh yeah I might physically hurt Suresh if I meet him (with an intent to kill)

Thanks for all the hits, btw :-)

Hawkeye said...




:-) you are welcome.

'souchalyam' was used by Asin when Asin and Kamal travel in the train briefly. Also I have never heard of any woman, 80 year old or not, living in any TN village use 'souchalyam'.

janani said...

If this was used by Asin, then there is nothing to argue since we agreed that whole character was unforgivable!

Anonymous said...

Now this is a Hawk Eye View!

I said...

mikka nanri hai.

Arun Sundar said...

Kalakkitteenga ponga! And are not all toilets 'souchalyam'?

Anonymous said...

next you will be reviewing this piece of carp I guess:


Anonymous said...

Really thought that my wordpress stats was bamboozled :) what with you linking to my site and the sudden increased hits on my rant on News channels.

I follow your blog regularly.

sexy said...







Anonymous said...