Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Empire Strikes Back

The Life Without Walls Campaign.

I am a PC: Advt 1

I am a PC Advt 2:

I am a PC Advt 3:


Anonymous said...

yuck..yuck yuck yuck..yuck..yuck yuck yuck.......YUCKKKKKKKK

Makku said...

u used the word 'empire'.

entha pakkam goal odarenne therilaye ba!

Arun Sundar said...

Yaa these ads are funny :)

Sriram said...

The ads are good but I wonder what the point is. Are they trying to infuse pride into PC users? It is like Hyundai advertising for an SUV and claiming that Land Rover is slightly better - it had two extra cup holders.

The day virtual reality becomes reality and you can do interactive porn with your computer, it does not matter one bit. Atleast I am better off with a 600$ laptop that crashes once a day than a similar 2200$.

jeffjose said...

I'm a PC and I like these ads

Anonymous said...

sure.all you guys should be linking it..
But its embarassing. Dont know why?
Read on -

Anonymous said...

Now these ads atleast make sense. LOL on anonymous comments - Ads created using macs !
I am a Mac and I hate PCs!

Anonymous said...

The tyrant strikes back is more like it. You must be feeling full proud, now that your company is responding (much better than its software does, I should admit)

janani said...

Bah! I want Seinfeld back

Anonymous said...

i think the title should have been.." the empire just cannot be innovative ....again!! " :-)

gradwolf said...

why do the all anonymous comments say the same thing?! :)

gradwolf said...

all the*

Anonymous said...

I said...

ennatho market leader-o. oru mairum ozhunga panradhu illa.

Anonymous said...

chk this out..

TWLee said...

"I am a PC"
"I am the essence of over confidence"
What marketing?
What strategy?


Hawkeye said...




maybe its like a rajini padam. meant to attract podhumakkal and not medhavees. who knows?

fully agree with you on the virtual reality.

jeffjose :-)




me too.


when a person deicdes to comment, he instinctively knows if he is about to say something stupid. when he knows that he disassociates his name from the comment. This is the reason why a large % of anon comments are xtremely stupid.

though.. off-late the quality of my readership has gone down dramatically.


least common denominator'ku ithu porum.


your comment is pethal.

TWLee said...

> though.. off-late the quality of my readership has gone down dramatically.

Compare some of your recent posts to your own post a while back:

The reason at least I check your blog occasionally is to read something of value. I guess what is of value is a subjective thing, nevertheless it's been a let down off late...

SreeLatha said...


(I am an occasional reader too). At least you find strong opinions here whether you agree or disagree. Don't confuse what you agree with what you like. I come here because of strong controversial opinions. More fun than drab blogs.

Also, you should really see if your first comment made any sense or not.


TWL said...

I neither agree nor disagree with the post. In my first comment - I was commenting on the YouTube vids posted and MS strategy, not the post itself.

This post from Bharath doesn't lend any new knowledge to me. It's just a bunch of links. So, again, there's nothing to agree or disagree about.

And that went towards the core of my 2nd comment - I wish there were more posts that one could find controversial.

Sreelatha, I don't know where you got the idea that I was strongly disagreeing with Hawkeye, especially since it didn't make any sense at all to you at the same time.


Shripriya said...

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