Sunday, September 21, 2008

Movie Reviews: Burn After Reading, Kuselan, IMAX: The Dark Knight

Burn After Reading: Finally! an eccentric movie after a long time. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, John Malkovich and Francis Mcdormand star in this unusually brilliant movie that clearly rises above the star cast. This is a movie Kamal Hasan and Sangeetham Srinivas Rao combination might've been proud of. In India they've done the most movies in this genre. For the first 30 minutes, you have no clue where this movie is progressing. You have 4-5 dim-witted characters doing absolutely crazy things. They do it so seriously that they almost pass off as normal people. At about the half-way mark it suddenly dawns on you that this is a comedy movie. That is a fantastic moment. This is brilliant effort at creating a movie magic experience.

From that point onwards the characters keep doing the same things they did in the first half but you see a new dimension that goes on to make everything hilarious. I don't know if this story is worth explaining and I can't imagine how Brad Pitt & George Clooney would have reacted after hearing this story. I am glad they accepted the roles because this is like no other role they have played. I especially can't believe Brad Pitt did the role that he did with such "panache". This guy is a brilliant actor. I've watched most Coen brother movies - this is not a great movie but certainly falls in the "well worth a try category".

Kuselan: 2 Types of Rajini movies fail. The first kind underestimate the stupidity of Rajni fans and cast Rajni in really good movie (with a good story etc). This almost never happens now. The second category is the 'Naatukku Oru Nallavan' category of movies which overestimate the stupidity of the Rajni fan. The directors guess that the Rajni fan is 1000X dumb when they are really only 800X dumb. Kuselan falls in the latter category. P.Vasu must've thought Kuselan is an ideal movie that will "satisfy rajini saar fans" and went on to make such an idiotic movie that only the bottom 75 percentile of fans (the ones who constantly call him "thalaiva" or think "paal abhishekam" for him is a good idea) will like. Glad I saved money on tickets for this.

IMAX The Dark Knight: I've already reviewed this. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie for the second time in IMAX. Seattle IMAX is not your typical IMAX. Its just like a normal theater. I wondered why they were calling it an IMAX when i walked in. I agree some aspects were different from a regular movie theater but with such a small screen (compared to the IMAX theaters in Dallas) the experience was underwhelming. However, I have to say - The Dark Knight is a fantastic movie. I have become such a big fan of Christian Bale because of this. He plays a convincing non-hero in such a complex story. And nobody outside of Chris Nolan could've made this kind of a Batman movie. Remarkable.


sundar said...

satisfy rajini saar fans !! LOL!

Whacky™ said...

Burn After Reading is one movie i was looking forward to watch it.

Kuselan is one good emotional movie,since this movie was overhyped cause of rajni's presence didn't do that well..

Dark Knight is one of its kind, its one of the best superhero movies i have watched so far. Its too bad having to write about dark knight without talking about Heath ledger.. :)

lux said...

hey bharath,
waiting for ur review on saroja.

Sriram said...

Went to "burn after reading" on the opening night and I could not stop comparing it to the big lebowski. You know which one wins hands down.

On the topic of reviews, please watch Madhavan-Bhavana starer "Vazhthukal" and write a review.

Maha said...

2 questions.
1) Where do you get to see tamil movies to write a review - not in the case of kuselan - but others? i heard about subramanyapuram from you and sqrt(-1) and intend to see it but where ?!?!?
2) How come the youtube videos that you embed never get going in my explorer/firefox? not only that, they end up doing something that stops other music from being played also and i have to restart firefox.
answer as you can best.

MLC said...

irundhaalum thalaivar fans-a pathi ippadiya hawkeye:-(...

i don't thnk u watched 'saroja' yet coz u wud've writtn abt how u enjoyed it! i remember yr review abt chennai-28... idhu adha vida soooper! truly, venkat prabu has done it again!

Gopinath's "Artickles" said...

Hi, Hawkeye!
Came across your blog from Indian Bloggers (labnol) site. Read some of your posts and writeups in Hindu. Nice Blog you have built up over the years, Hawkeye. Will need some more visits to read your best stuff. Do visit my humorous "Artickles" Blog.

Sarang said...

I am planning to watch Burn After Reading so, No comments there. I wasn't expecting ANYTHING from Kuselan especially knowing that subtlety and simplicity is not the forte of Mr. Vasu.

Dark Knight was too loud for me to catch the fine details and Batman's voice was too irritating.

Arun Sundar said...

Adhu Singeetham srinivas rao illayo?

And Burn after reading was kick-ass! The way Brad utters 'Osbourne Cox' and 'good samaritan' was hysterical!!

maxdavinci said...

DK in the IMAX was simply brilliant. I watched it on opening nite and returned to the IMAX a week later.

Kuselan, well lets not go there then...

feddy said...

Completely agree with your views on Burn after reading. The climax scene in the CIA office is hilarious :).

Anonymous said...