Thursday, September 04, 2008

On Seinfeld, Marketing Campaigns and TV Advertisements


Arvind said...

It's a series. They're trying to get a guessing game going.

I think I'll have to see a few more before I can comment!

J said...

Bill gates has a computer up his toe???

Anonymous said...

According to Microsoft:
"After seeing the new ad from Microsoft, which debuted today, some may wonder what Jerry Seinfeld helping Bill Gates pick out a new pair of shoes has to do with software. The answer, in the classic Seinfeld sense of the word, is nothing. Nevertheless, the spot is the first and most visible sign of an ambitious effort by Microsoft's Windows business to reconnect with consumers around the globe."

Rajiv Mathew said...


Anonymous said...

I think it is unnecessarily cryptic but somewhat funny, though I feel it is outdatedly Jerry Seinfeldish funny. Like Arvind says, may be they are making up a series. But this is actually nothing compared to Apple's Get a Mac ad. They are funny out of the box.

Just a girl.. said...

nekkum puriyale..

I said...

One should buy at Steve and Barry. 8.98 or less.

Abhishek said...

Intha ad lenthu enna theriyithu na bill gates and seinfeld sapadra bread stick la ennavo marumam keethu!

Ram said...

I actually thought that you were behind this idea of Microsoft ponying up for Jerry Seinfeld...

Sriram said...

I, you beat me to that comment.

btw, "nekku puriyalai nokku puriyaratho" should be nominated for the best-tag-ever award.

Maha said...
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Maha said...

நேக்கு ஒரு வஸ்த்து மனஸிலாகலை!!
BTW are i and j imaginary?

Hawkeye said...


same here. need to see few more.



anon, rajiv



apple can afford to do it.

just a girl,



8.98 romba kaastli illayo!


isnt it ice cream


i like the idea of seinfeld pony up. but no connection between that and me.


nandri hai


J is real. 'I' romba doubtu dhaan.

Abhi said...

woah gawd athu ice cream a..ennaku theriyathu the sry.:D naangalam t nagar brilliant tutorials kulfi sapadarthu oda seri.:D paathu seekram sapda sollinga athu orugida pogithu:P