Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Laukeeka Anubhava

While god is in the details, a helping god clearly is not in all of the details. Some details have Yama and some have Soma. This is why geek type people who possess too much information aren't so nimble and effective in making decisions as their managers are. Plotting a graph between information and decision-making effectiveness should be an interesting excercise. Initially, the effectiveness does increase perceptibly with increase in information. A confident bhangra-type dude who says "chalo yaar! party on. chak da phatte" is more likely to be DOA than a spectacled geek dude who diligently collects all the details and is in general more humble than necessary.

However, what is counter-intuitive is that the suave dude who deliberately avoids too much detail is more likely to make [similar -> better] decisions in [same -> quicker] time than the geek dude who knows almost every little detail. The graph after growing steadily for a while shows remarkable decrease in decision-making effectiveness as function of increase in information. Too much knowledge and continuous ball-by-ball commentary type information forces a person to make several incorrect predictions (based on several irrelevant past anubhavas) and jump to too many conclusions. The continuum of information blunts him. The dude who knows when to not be a geek and can, after a certain point, resist information is the dude who has more clarity. He is the difference between a theorizer and a doer.


Anonymous said...


cricinfo says this -

Cheeky captain
Was it a surprise that Anil Kumble won the toss? No, because he had a practice run before the actual toss. Immediately after he got the coin from Chris Broad, the match referee, Kumble flipped it only to realise mid-flight that they were not on air as yet. So Kumble caught the coin before it could land. Shrewdly he must have studied the coin's behaviour pattern, and flipped it the next time in a way that it landed in India's favour, and that too way off the pitch where the toss happened. Welcome back, captain.


Sarang said...

Yenna Solla virubughireer?
Oru Mannum puriyalaye...

Need More details :D


chokkathangam said...

in effect, an intelligent person is one who arms himself with just the right amounts of information (not too much. not too much) and makes confident decisions based on this.

or atleast thats what mr hawkeye conveyed to me

Sarang said...

Thanks @chokkathangam.

I did understand the gist in almost the same way as you have described.

But, I wanted to show how 'geeky' I am by asking for details :) So much for Self-Mukha-Sthuthi.

Anyway, here is my next Q..

Is the 'right' amount of information learnt by experience - Nalla maattukku oru soodu types??

Rishi Agarwal said...

Completely agree with you.

To make a decision, you dont need ALL the information, you need just the right information to make that decision. The problem is, engineers (like me) feel that every information is important. Which delays the time taken to make a decision and also results in a wrong decision itself.

Nice small post.

Subhash said...

MBA's are still useless punks pretending to do real jobs.

gradwolf said...

idhunala dhan oru MBA job ku MBA degree avasyam illa nu solluvangalo?