Friday, November 14, 2008

Ganguly Series IV: On His "Agression"

On Aggression: I did not think much about removing his shirt in Lords or making Steve Waugh wait for this toss. I did not think the latter was a deliberate strategy. Both these weren't important contributing factors to Indian victories. It was media exaggeration and some nonsense that could be fed to the stupid public. He seems like a lazy guy who could be un-punctual and that is a more probable reason as to why he was late for the toss (the first time). Ganguly won games because he had a good team, which performed at the right time. The team fundamentals were good. The batsmen (especially Dravid) scored heavily and consistently during his captaincy. A team that was constantly pumped up and eager to win. While aggression and "looking at the aussie back in the face" was a icing on the cake - it was not the reason why we won. It is the layman's inability to tell the difference between a switched-on/punped-up team and a "rowdy agressive" team that led to so many trivial theories on his aggression.

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