Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Movie Round-up: 2008

2008 has been a poor year for Thamizh movies. Here is the best and worst of them. Disclaimer: I haven't seen Poo, Bommalattam and Abhiyum Naanum.
Best Movies of 2008:
8. Jayam Kondan: This movie kept everything simple from story to presentation. It was entertaining and did not indulge in too much of nonsense.
7. Poi Solla Porom: If this is a faithful remake of Khosla ka Ghosla then I wouldnt have been super impressed with that too. So-so movie.
6. Velli Thirai: Interestingly presented story on an aspiring film maker's frustration, IP theft and other bad-luck oriented things. The hero's reaction to his fate is sometimes too idealistic and timid. Overall an interesting watch.
5. Saroja: Fraud movie. Copied. But at least well presented. Venkat Prabhu, I suspect, is due to come up with new tricks. This one tells us his well is dry.
4. Vaaranam Aayiram: There were disappointing aspects to this movie. Some needless elements. But I thought it had good spirit, ambition and the overall entertainment value was very good.
3. Saadhu Mirandaal: This was a very interesting movie. It could have been a really good movie but for some reason it settles for much less. Comedy + revenge-suspense-thriller genre.
2. Anjathey: This movie is the kitchen sink of 2008. It had every genre baked into it. There were some moments in the movie that was totally impressive and a few moments which made you wonder if should be doing something else instead of watching this movie.
1. Subramanyapuram: An unpretentious movie that appears honest until the end. Without ever losing its entertainment value. It consistently gives a "this could have really happened" feeling. I loved it.
Worst Movies
5. Aayudham Seivom: Its in this list because the DVD somehow found its way to my living room. I can't believe C. Sundar is actually a hero. "C" center folks deserve to be made fun of for encouraging him. Yaara koluthanumnu theriyalai. I stopped watching the movie after a point.
4. Indralogathil Azhagappan: "Adi pidichu pona" story and Vadivelu.
3. Dasavatharam: Pretentious Kamal trash. A man with a large ego ate a sumptuous meal. Farted. Then caught the fart in a plastic bag, buried it in a septic tank with 4 eggs and dirty shoe. Took it out after 10 years and sprayed the contents on the public. Apparently a few drops of 'sandhanam' was mixed in that spray. He called the few people, who noticed it, as thamizh people. The rest, he called them "medhaavis".
2. Bheema: Gay trash.
1. Kuselan: Rajini trash for idiot fan boys.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Poi Solla Porom, what I read about the movie it was re-made completely.

So, I would suggest that you watch Khosla Ka Ghosla before you make your 'pre'-supposed judgement.


Gradwolf said...

nice list....Only yesterday I saw Jayam Kondaan and thought it wasn't bad! Bhavana was cute and comedy, decent.

anantha said...

1. Kuselan: Rajini trash for idiot fan boys.

As an idiot fan boy, I have to disagree. Kuselan was rejected by everyone, including idiot fan boys like me.

Alan Smithee said...

Why isn't 'dhaam dhoom' part of the best list? It deserves to be there for just one stunt sequence. The hero jumps from one terrace to another, about 3 miles away when he gets shot by a sniper sitting in a chopper. He falls flat on the ground and grabs a motorcycle from a passerby and rides full throttle. At that very moment, he looks up to the heavens, stretches his hands like that titanic hero and soaks in on the immense peace surrounding him. As if the heroine just proposed to him. Just then he jumps a red light and gets run over by a car. All this happens in Russia. Awesome scene.

Anonymous said...

Interesting list... Agree with most of the entries in your 'Good ones' list exc VA of course :-)

Movies I had high hopes / expectations of but which let me down would have to be Arai En 301, Kuruvi and Santhosh Subramanian...Of course, if you want to check out some rank bad ones for kicks sake, I'd strongly recommend Satyam, Nepali and pretty much anything Simbu acts in...

Have a great '09 !!
- Jupe

Anonymous said...

Am glad dasavatharam failed.. waht does he think of himself.. his ego, self pride is taking him no-where nice fitting descripation

Gethu Man said...

A nice list of movies buddy... Here is a list of movies which i've sorted as Gethu Vethu and mediocre... have a look at these too....

vani said...

There are worst movies than some on your list. Not sure if you have not watched these movies or you consider them ok.
Kuruvi, Arai Enn 305-il Kadavul, Thenavatu, Aegan, Seval, Pazhani, Kaalai, Thanam, Satyam, Thoota.

Bala said...

Reg your comments about Dasavatharam: Calling it shit is fine, your opinion. What's this bit about "ego", huh?

From writing blogs - Why does one blog? Thats nothing but ego masturbation no matter how one tries to mask it by self-deprecatory humor etc. Of course, there are 'activist' blogs which are different but even those are similar in certain ways - to our work, we indulge in ego boosting day in and day out. And whats funny is, why is it that ONLY Kamal is singled out here? Ada show bizz na pinna enna? Actors ellam edhukku cinema la irukkaanga? Social service-a? illai ellayilla kalai sevaikka? OK, kalai sevaikke irundhaalum, actors are applause virumbigal. They like to showcase what they perceive they are good at. The trick is to not make it obvious. Sometimes it sticks out when its obvious. Maybe thats what you are referring to in Dasavatharam. Adhavahdu, oruthar screen-ukku veliay "simple", "humble" nu padatha poduvaaru, screen la A to Z avara kadavul range ku ethi viduvaanga (avaru andha madhiri scope ulla padathuladha dhaan nadippaaru). Avara ellarum "cha, enna simple, humble" nu potruvaanga. enna ulagamada idhu?
And is it ego because Kamal hogs virtually every frame in the movie? Appo is an artiste's ego defined as being inversely proportional to his /her screen time? The same man did Magalir Mattum and Sathi Leelavathi.
Appo thannudaya perceived talents/abilities-a velippaduthi kaithattal vaanga ninaikkum ellarume egotists dhaane? By this definition, everyone in showbizz fits the bill.
There is this popular argument: "He just lets the script take over. Script is more important than the actor" and all that heavy duty peter. He has done that too. By its very titular premise, Dasavatharam is a showcase, a magic show. Its not titled "Virus Vettai". A sportsman who wants to prove his next level of performance (to noone in particular), a singer going up a notch, a musician doing somehting experimental, Kamal Haasan deciding to don ten roles and convince people he can pull it off - adippadayil they are all the same right. Maybe as you see it, Kamal has failed in doing that. Since he has put the roles before the script, his writing has suffered in the film. So what? This is not the only film where he has set out to prove some facet of this to the audience and nor is he the only person who has this 'ego hunger'. thannai periya paruppu nu nenaikkaradhu.
[indha padathulayum positives neraya irukku, but maybe it fell so much below your expectaiton that you failed to see the positives) Directors do it by showcasing, say, for example, non-linear narrative (yen linear-a sonna koranju poiduvaangala?). Just because they are behinds the scenes does not necessarily make their egos any smaller.

Appadiye ego-ne vechikkuvome. yaarukkum illadha ego Kamal-ku mattum irukku. So? Why is modesty, humilty etc extolled so much? A man who puts up a humble front, is he necessarily a humble being? Whateverthe case maybe, why is all this so overrated? This ego thing... [b]Why are we judging a maker in the pretext of judging his work?[/b] Why should we judge him? Do we know stuff about him sufficiently to come to an informed judgement as to how much of an ego-quotient the person possesses?

Pretension: You say Dasa is pretentious and Subramaniapuram is not! Thats a shocker. Every frame of the film is just to set us up for the "explodsive" climax. There are so many moments which scream "Look! This is so realistic. See, this is a slice of life right here". A series of set pieces designed to make the (gullible) viewer go "wow". The script does not beget the 'reality', its th eother way round. Oh, and the terrible acting. ippadi adukkitte polaam.
Apparent austerity is mistaken for absence of pretension.

Like i mentioned, every film is about the maker intending to get applause. "Fooling" the audience. As long as it does not stick out, its fine.
Dasavatharam kuppai nu sollunga, (actually neenga enna venumnaalum sollalaam, unga blog, unga karuthu :) ), Thalaivana personalla overa kalasitteenga. Adhaan varutham :(

maxdavinci said...

i remm yor last years post as i read this. and again this year i have seen all the bad ones!

i donno if its only me but there is something to Sundar C's movies just like vijay's mindless one that makes them watchable atleast once.

the gandhigiri type ending was pretty novel thogh i agree the movie was shitty!

Anonymous said...

bala, idukku poi varuthapadalama. Ego-fart-ku adutha oxford dictionaryla- hawkeye blog-nu synonym kodukkalam. Avaru solradhai ellam serious-a edhuthikkittu chinna pulla maadhiri...

Anonymous said...

bala, idukku poi varuthapadalama. Ego-fart-ku adutha oxford dictionaryla- hawkeye blog-nu synonym kodukkalam. Avaru solradhai ellam serious-a edhuthikkittu chinna pulla maadhiri...