Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Once Upon a Time I was 'Youth'

It is good to meet people you went to college with. It reminds you that once upon a time, long long ago you were a teenage boy. As the conversation progressed, names and images of forgotten people were context-switched back into main memory after a long time. My teenage phase may have happened before stone age and right after ice age but it made me feel a little happy today.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the College photos looking Kandraavi tag.....


sundar said...

/* context-switched back into main memory */.
geeky hawk!

/* bhel puri and xerox notes */
Pure gold!

Raji said...

Short and Sweet..Nice post...:)

rads said...

Age? what age? what old? we are forever teens in our heart no? :P

Gradwolf said...

I'll get back in 5 yrs time.

Context switched back into main memory was romba too much!

Anonymous said...

former linux boy now works for sith.

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

the labels for the post are too good! :)

Happy New Year hawk and thanks for the good laughs this year.

Anonymous said...

yes, I agree on the college photos look kandraavi now. :) they should be destroyed! :)


MLC said...

yellaam seri ... **pregnancy, kids...**

yennanga?? samsaaram yaedhaavadhu samaasaaram-a irukaangala;-)?

happy 2009!

Chriz said...

i am here for the first time.. it sounds humorous indeed.. me tooo a humor blogger

Anonymous said...

hehehe very true :)

Hawkeye said...


i once thought they were good :-(


we owe our degrees to those xerox shops.




yes. i am clinging on to the mind thing from now onwards.


you are reasonably close to youth. although i now feel youth dies with B.E


ada poda. 1000 year old dialogs. boring.




yes. my wife keeps making fun of my college fotos and when you said the same during lunch y'day - i totally connected.


thats in a galaxy far far away.

chriz & anon,


Anupadmaja said...

Atleast Gradwolf isnt a Kazha bolt himself :)

Gradwolf said...


err, adhu seri dhan, aana ennaku puriyalaye!

Anupadmaja said...


Everyone in the comments section is relating to what Hawkeye has written, except you :)