Saturday, January 24, 2009


Almost all people can traditionally be bucketed as pursuers of one or more of the 3 Gs. Gold, Glory and God. Once upon a time pursuing God and thereby religion helped kings, chieftains and US Presidents, who were fundamentally Gold or Glory pursuers, project a noble face to the public. It reduced their worries about having to die without doing something 'good' - an essential karma for a fantastic after-life disposition. For them, pursuing God was guilt-neutraliser. Surprisingly, this pursuit became synonymous with integrity, trustworthiness, concern for humanity, and profoundness. Today, the deteriorating brand value of God is causing considerable discomfort to Gold/Glory pursuers. They would like to possess a dimension that is regarded as noble and one that would bring out cool stuff like integrity, trustworthiness, humane'ness, and profoundness. Environment is the new God. Man is back to worshipping the elements and the trees. Since both the environmental God and the now out-of-fashion religion-based God promise tremendous after-your-lifetime benefits - the former can easily slip into the latter's shoes.
The sleeveless-salwar and jeans wearing social activist type chics, who party hard at night and work for the country during day, are a welcome fake-sanyasis of this new religion. They make it easy for guys who want to woo them. One just has to to say the right things and pretend to be sensitive to 'ecchi vecha' plastic water bottles and its garbage inmates. However, the only draw back for this otherwise fine religion is that it renders the exploitation of poor by the rich slightly more obvious. The poor man commutes in public buses, trains and cycles that run on dynamo power. This poor man who worships an amman based on the forest trees is slightly confused by the new-fangled campaigns created by English-newspaper chics. Apparently the rich who built industries that pump tons of poison into the air, who kill animals for leather and trees for furniture, who have joined the burgeoning upper middle-class in buying billions of fridges and cars that poke holes in the atmosphere - want to put a noble face.
Much like its predecessors which encourages exploitation as long as it is for jihad, this religion offers "parikaaram". The rich can create 99.99% of the pollution in the world but they are excused if they "do their might" for their god by stopping the poor man from creating the other 0.01%. So the poor man who bursts firecrackers once a year during deepavali and burns old stuff once a year during bhogi is now to blame for all evil. Campaigns are created by people who own cars, awareness is spread by chain smokers, newspaper columns are written on dead trees. So the rich, the presidents who take oaths, senators who take oaths, Hollywood type people, book writers, CEOs and MBA types can read about this. Their heart warms up with satisfaction, moksha appears like a guarantee and backs are patted. Their guilt and the country's poor are effectively neutralized.


Anonymous said...

so you dislike green too? What do you like?

by the way: brilliant tag.

Hawkeye said...


Hari N Iyer said...

appdi podu aruvala

Alan Smithee said...

The best parody on green was the southpark episode ManBearPig.

MLC said...

LOL @ yr response to anon .. may b she blogs... & is goin to land up here one day & gv u the 'yennoda fav bloggr-rasigar' award:-)!

bombay dosti said...

Thats fine!
But a few sentences seem to be derogatory, "The sleeveless-salwar and jeans wearing social activist type chics,"....."make it easy for guys who want to sleep with them".. Now dont say, that I am silent about the richer sex rackets and making a fuss in a poor blogger's space!!
I felt bad reading these sentences, and hence letting you know!

Mambalam Mani said...

undercurrents of communism being detected....since when?

Suvarna said...

I despise the "mentals" much more than you've expressed here.You've hit the nail on the head, nevertheless!And admire you for that.

However,i felt your reference to them sleeveless-salwar-jeans-wearing social activist type chics as "easy" ........ is a lil chauvinistic.Reminds me of Naqvi recently commenting on women wearing lipsticks.

Hawkeye said...



alan smithee,

southpark is awesome.


i will vote for "namitha for TN CM".

bombay dosti/Suvarna,

changed it to bring down the post to PG13.

Mambalam mani,

i no communist.

Venkat said...

fantastic post..., kalakitel

The Talkative Man said...

padma bhushan for your comment tags, ha ha ha :)

maxdavinci said...

fake sanyasis lol!

what are your views on jallikattu then? Wonder what the new morratukalai will have!

Babs said...

Awesome Post daa....vetti ya irunthalum ur creative part works well :-)

On serious note Al Gore copped a lot shite when ppl questioned him about his travel itinerary every year spreading the Green thingy....well he had to in some ways didn't he.....

But like you said, ppl just jump onto a band wagon call themselves green or argue for green when they do one activity a year which is green......

A true pursuer is one who think about green all day like traveling in bus or cycle, using less energy, etc, etc.....
but we have more fake out there....

Anonymous said...

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Achupichu said...

Two words.

Nethi Adi!

Anonymous said...

The communist logic wont work. All the smoke gets generated within a day fogging up the city and people who are asthmatic or even little more sensitive cant even come out!

And I love my pattasu as well. But several wrongs doesnt make one more wrong right!

Grand canyon bodhi bulb moment didnt work at all? Did Ross school of business do this to you? or is it the age? you weren't like this when you started out.

The previous post was too good.

Hawkeye said...




all the madras training tht mkes one grow into a fine gentleman.


spanish matadorsa music video'la pottu kaatalam. idhe if madurai people do it they are barbarians :-)


you are correctu. Regular kadavulukkum indha comment porundhum.




you miss the obvious point and instead try to typecast me into some technical term like communist etc. I don't even know what communism means.

the obvious point is that we are ignoring the big rakshasan who we cannot fight and tamig the mouse that we can fight. Finally the big rakshasan will render your asthma patients under house arrest everyday of the year instead of just 2 days.

/* you weren't like this when you started out. */

i know. you are right. solradhu easy. adhukku respond panrathu dhaan kashtam.