Saturday, January 17, 2009


It is morning, I see you standing on the ceiling,
And those who can't, are happy to sit on you.
Yet we sit far below from where you stand,
We wonder, are we shorter or taller than you?

In the mid-afternoon solitude,
The calm silence is broken, while on you I sway,
O' is it the distant sound of brinjal weeping, as the aruvamanai
Cuts it? Or is that the pain in your legs as you swing away?

Evening wind swooshes the newspaper by my side,
I wake up from my dreams still swinging on you.
I have nothing else to do but fear the world that seats my couch
Maybe I'll drink that coffee and prolong the joy of swinging on you.

Night has fallen, yet you still spurn the floor,
Like an ancient village dweller, I thank thee O' simple pleasure of my life,
Am I cradled in a womb, I wonder in comfort
Is the earth swinging from the sky or is that just you?


Angel's Flight said...

ah...the Oonjal was my fav place to hang out when i was young.......I miss it so much...such a peaceful place to be...*sigh*

This was a brilliant post!

Sriram said...


Anonymous said...

What?!! You didn't have to fight anyone to use the oonjal??

First the sugarcane, then the oonjal enjoying your simple pleasures series. Hope there's more.


Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...


Sorry for the digression - but there is a book by Aakash Chopra which is being positively reviewed.

Gradwolf said...

waaaaaaaaaa! Why are you making everyone nostalgic with such consecutive posts! Neenga enga area adhunala solren, swinging high on the oonjal, with the speaker tied to the coconut tree in the house, listening to ram navami kutcheri in ram samaj is the best thing! Of course, it would be exam time, but I never bothered...

MLC said...

aaaghhaaa!! kavidhai! kavidhai!!:-).. but tt oonjal def looks inviting!

Anonymous said...

I think any mambalam-ite would get into dreams thinking of the hot summers, ramanavami kutcheris at Ram Samaj, the smell of mango flowers, 49, 11E & 12G at top speeds - the board exams & JEE were just a minor distractions..

Alan Smithee said...

5-6 years back when we were planning to buy a house, me and mom had the oonjal on top of our list of must-haves. Not a single new construction in Madurai had one. Not even provision to hang one.

There is nothing more blissful than a heavy brunch followed by a siesta on the oonjal and being woken up by boys playing cricket on the street and ambling to the kitchen to have coffee.

Kokki Kumarru said...

Hello hawkeye i too have the same feelings as mr extraordinary.. Beyond the blues by Aakash chopra is being recieved well

aniramzee said...

excellent imagery, and the macro photography was good too.

Hawkeye said...


thanks. Oonjal is a peaceful place.




there is more. thanks.


it is not available in Landmark. I checked. I just purchased "Opening Up By Mike Atherton"


you were that close to ram samaj? wow!




sometimes board exams were too minor a distraction for comfort :-)


you said it. Since we were around during the construction, we made sure the 'kokki' was there. After several years of begging my dad finally relented and put an oonjal.


i am trying to get that book. not available.



blackaccord said...

nice poetry skills.. :)
I remember those days when I used to go to our village (Uthiramerur) during our summer holidays just to enjoy the oonjal... Apart from that the only time I enjoyed Oonjal was on my wedding day (Laali aadinaL and Aaadu Oonjal)...I wonder how many oonjal makers are around these days...

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Hey gr8 poem!!! We still have this OONJAL at my grandma's place.. Just love it.. I keep fighting for it all the time

Anonymous said...

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