Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anti Dentite

One of the significant challenges the market of dentistry faces is 'fear of pain'. Customers, surprisingly enough, don't want to pay money in order for them to experience incredible pain. They really don't want to fix an appointment to experience mind-numbing pain. This has led to severe erosion of revenues in this dull and rather smelly market.

Although dentists failed to become real doctors that they actually set out to become when they were in high school, they do have some reactionary ability. So now you see dentists giving you various options on how to reduce pain completely. This is their effort to prevent customers from running away.

It is not altogether surprising to note that they've changed the syllabus in the dentistry course. They now have a course called "How to avoid being a poor dentist". Controlling this "fear factor" must be the third lesson after precious old gems such as, "you need to clean your teeth professionally" and "you need your wisdom tooth removed, otherwise it will lead to abscess".


Alan Smithee said...

Actually, if you feel the pain or bleed when they poke between the gums and the teeth, you are not in good dental health.

Valli Doll said...

I have never been to a dentist :-s And I have both my wisdom tooth, no wisdom though!

Hawkeye said...

i have been to a dentist - mainly to clean teeth. everytime I went they offered to take out my wisdon tooth.

be it mambalam dentist or manhattan dentist they all say the same thing.

Gradwolf said...


then I think you have to! The pain increases with age, am told. Very rapidly!

Babs said...

I agree with Gradwolf...the pain was bloody bad.....8 out of 10 in a pain scale.....imagine at this age for me that too...
hence removed them all 4 of them....3 days of ice cream diet..i know u wudn't complain about that :-)

Use your medical insurance dude..heard M$ has the best one

revathi said...

I think it is more this feeling of utter helplessness that one has while sitting with the mouth gaping wide open and a stream of air forced into the mouth that increases the fear. I remember a dentist saying that he would like to install a mirror on the ceiling so that the patients can understand what is going on. Any takers?

sundar said...

interesting to read this post, the same day I visited the dentist. They recommned something called sleep dentistry to remove wisdom tooth. They put you in a deep sleep state before they start taking the tooth out. :)

Hawkeye said...


innaba bayamurthra. i wonly went for teeth clean, i dont want this to explode into boogambam.


i am terrified of pain. now that you've said 8/10 total give up.


the best thing is to give a phone. so that you can call from a safe distance and let the dentist talk what he would have done to you in case you went to his office.


/* They recommned something called sleep dentistry to remove wisdom tooth */

idhu dhaan. idhe dhaan. the moment i told him i won't do it. he asked me why. i told him i can't stand the pain. and he promptly threw this asthram at me. as if he was trained to do this.

Smitha said...

I'm not an anti dentite completely. But I did work for a nutcase which temporarily made me one.