Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Pink Chaddi Campaign

In colleges and grad school parties, you often meet these guys who have too much hair gel, wear clothes that shine, and who dance like medieval maniacs to bhangra music. Over time it becomes easy to stereo type these guys as mindless, tasteless, bhangra dancing people who are only fit to work as clerks in a 7-11 store. They are especially a nuisance while watching cricket matches (or playing cricket) as they know of no other analysis outside of shouting "chuck da phatte" or "c'mon sachin" at odd times. The absence of creativity in them is directly proportional the bulge of their bank balance and shine in their gaudy bracelets. Imagine what would happen if they were required to do something intelligent.
That brings us to the point. The reasonably publicized campaign to send some political outfit in Karnataka pink chaddi's (to protest against that party's recent pub attack) is the stupidest campaign I have ever seen in recent memory. Among all protests done in the post-cave man era, this should be considered the least creative and most idiotic. It can only be created by these bhangra type chics whose only purpose in life is to fail 8th standard at least once, join some useless sociology type course in an arts college, dance to silly music, pay hefty dowry and marry a guy who owns a cloth shop. It is hard to understand what these pink chaddis indicate and what the general public or this political party should understand from this gesture. I am actually afraid to hear their explanation on what this all means.
Somehow it feels as if this political party and the stupid "Loose & Forward Pub going women" deserve each other.
Now don't get me wrong. I am not opposed to either love or sex. It is this "*.day" thing that is patently stupid. People who are opposed to the whole "Day" thing (from stupid "Valentine's" to a much stupider "Friendship" thingie) must be disappointed that a party trying to ape PMK has hijacked the anti-day cause for a religious/political purpose. This stupid party has ruined the anti-Day efforts by isolating Valentine's day from the rest. What about Mother's/Father's/Frienedship & Athimber day? Should they remain because they don't conflict "Indian moral traditional values"? This isolation has ensured that any semblance of intellignce in our society is sure to dissappear. Thanks to the Loose & Forward Pub going idiots, this party has shot to prominence. Their prospects of wining the next election must be very high. People who vote will not remember (or even be aware of) the "Chaddi" campaign. This "bhangra" type youth have no vote and will not vote even if they had a chance. The sex-starved people who vote (especially those in the IT sector) should clearly be in favor of Muthalaik. The math is simple.


Alan Smithee said...

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Your first paragraph flatters me. :)

Hawkeye said...

Alan smithee,

I promise i never read that post of yours until I saw your comment.

But then such opinions are not unique. Similar environment cultivates it.

Alan Smithee said...

easy.. chumma trying to plug. avlodhaan.

maxdavinci said...

I demand a holiday for valentine day, fraanships day, mummys day and daddys day!

Arun Sundar said...


newnimproved said...

I am getting endless invites to join the pink chaddi campaign. The pink chaddi campaign is utterly juvenile.
It is generating a lot of PR and buzz for some fringe organization which will revel in it (and so will the pink chaddi brigade).

These do-gooders need to get a clue.

Spare me these space cadets who lack the courage to carry out their campaign in Kashmir , where the jehadis have warned that those who celebrate Hallmark Card Day (14th February) will be shot.
What would I do?
Here's a thought:
Since Ram Sena names itself after Lord Ram, why not use their ideology to defeat them?
Ergo, only asuras like Ravana harassed women. So Muthalik is like Ravana.
I am carrying out a word of mouth campaign to all the folks I know so it hopefully filters down to the most remote part of Karnataka.

You can do the same. If you have anymore workable ideas, please feel free to share them.
Pink chaddi is an elitist and silly idea which is limited to Facebook and some blogs.
Thank you.

Anti-Muthalik poster:

Anonymous said...

even i dont understand the pink chaddi part but what is with the use of "Loose & Forward Pub going" for describing people. "Loose"?

Gradwolf said...

lol, everything you have to pick on a section of hapless grad students! I agree the campaign is sort of stupid. There is this neo revolutions of sorts by the middle aged MBA chics that blog, and some of the things they do, if not all, are scary and stupid.

Hawkeye said...


I didnt invent the term "loose...". The women who started this campaign call themselves by that term.

I have no idea why they have named it like that.

Hawkeye said...


i demand holiday for pradosham, muhurtha naal, ekadasi, dvadasi too :-)

arun sundar,

adhaan paaren


:-). Interesting note on the kashmir thing.

Anonymous said...

I didnt realise it "chaddi" was indeed jetti... lol!!!.. This is frigging lame.


Idling in Top Gear said...

I think who ever came up with the pink chaddi campagin had been watching Lage Raho Munnabhai around about when the Mangalore incident happened.

What's really surprising to me is that despite all the hype, they have only gathered some 1,000 odd chaddis!

Anonymous said...

Well said, I would term this as most stupid campaign ever.

Ram said...

USPS won't accept the pink chaddi I wanted to ship! Unfair! Anyways, I'll try an azhukku baniyan for Athimber day...

Anonymous said...

Hey Bharath,
I used to love your writing, and once used to check your blog everyday! In fact, one of my favorite ways of unwinding was to go through all your interesting old posts, and share your link with my friends.

With this post and the earlier one on environ'mentals' you have made me dread what more nonsense you will shell out. Writing negative for the sake of making a post interesting is pitiable.
Hope you get out of the bad-writing zone you are in. Amen.

siva said...

you are one angry young man or is it old man?.:)

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Idhukellam alattikkapadathu...

sreekrishnanv said...

Ram Sene is a poor cousin of PMK ... Look how PMK does everything and no one starts a campaign. Blady - they cant even do anything proper...

Btw: is there a NRI day?

Anonymous said...


I like your writing style but I was offended by this line -- "join some useless sociology type course". I'm am Socio major in the US.

Anonymous said...

i failed 8th standard. I also married cloth shop owner. :-(

Anonymous said...

I am wearing a pink chaddi today.. I am offended

Anonymous said...

Now I get it... the ones who are married to the cloth store owner, who has excess stock of pink chaddis unsold.. trying to clear his stock.. is that what pink chaddi campaign is?


Rish G said...

people starting a campaign to defend their life style choices - stupid
sitting thousands of miles away, trashing and stereotyping such people - priceless!

Anonymous said...

Rish G,

Why dont u send ur "chaddi" as well... this is the lamest campaign one can ever organise..get real moron


Blogeswari said...

With you on this. Stupidest campaign ever and worsht - people asking me on facebook / twitter - Have you sent pink chaddi yet?


Anonymous said...

If they are sending new chaddis.. muthalik could cut some deal with cloth manufacturers to sell them in wholesale...

i could not


Anonymous said...

They've stooped to Muthalik's level with this stupid campaign. Jobless idiots. Couldn't they have taken out a morcha or something? Next thing, our MLAs will start flinging their lungis every time they want to protest in the assembly.

aparna said...

Nice post..and i love your blog, generally. But i dont agree with the "useless sociology course in arts college". hurts my ego. ;-)

Anonymous said...

and now the girls who sent the chaddis are being harassed by the muthaliks with lewd calls and are sobbing, running off to the Police. Priceless - you write your telephone number in bold font and send it to a bunch of depraved goons and then complain that they are harassing you? Priceless!

Anonymous said...

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nivi said...

A little too harsh dont you think?

I am glad that instead of just sitting and discussing the Ram Sena issue in living rooms, whoever these people are, they at least made sure, that they did not approve of him and his hideous moral policing. Well its better than doing nothing!

And it is a democracy aint it :)

Hawkeye said...


women are showing signs of "pudhu panakkaran" effects. Where they really don't know what to do with all this new-found freedom.


i think their target was 1000.

bala arjun, ganesh,


include azhukku banian & towel for athimber day.




young. youth.




how close should i be to stereo type them?


yes. 3 days after gelf illegal immigrant day.


doing anything on facebook is so useless.


we should have used those chaddis to give them a atomic wedgie or something.






a key part of democracy is settling for the common denominator.

Anonymous said...

I believe the campaign's purpose is to create awareness and unite people. Probably, it provides a platform for "one set of people in India" to openly tell the "second set of people in India*" that it is alright for women to drink in pubs. The pink chaddis are just symbolic, right?

I would like to compare with this the Dandi march (Salt satyagraha).. though, obviously this one pales in comparison in terms of success. However, plz note that it is way more complex to create this awareness due to the cultural conflicts. Freedom was just "them" vs "us" and hence, simpler to convey.

* - Noting that there are thousands of India in India and not to offend any India.

PS - I have not participated in (and am not affected by) any of the mentioned campaigns.

PPS - I have no gf, and am a sore loser.. ideally, would like to join ram sena to beat up those flirts.. but, ideologically, hate the ram sena

Anonymous said...

I dont really like Valentines day, blah blah, etc either. But leaving aside the 'Pink Chaddi' campaign, you are slowly starting to sound like a grumpy old man that either has never got to do anything silly/fun in his life or has but cant anymore. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy reading your posts, but this is the first thought that crossed my mind when I was reading this one.