Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Benny Lava Phenomenon

How does one even begin to describe "Benny Lava phenomenon" when it is hard to even comprehend it. To put it simply - incredible. For those who know what it is - Admit it! We all saw Benny Lava and loved it, didn't we? No matter how familiar any one is on the viral nature of certain youtube videos, not in craziest moments would people have imagined that the Europeans would go crazy over Benny Lava. It appears from a cursory inspection of you tube that this Thamizh song is a rage among European teenagers and parties. It has almost become a cult, judging by the way some people are trying replicate the song in all its "integrity". They are trying to do the dance steps, the movements correctly and even hum the song's "oooo uuuu aaaaaa" correctly (as per Buffalax lyrics).

To The Uninitiated - a "lyricist" called Buffalax heard this thamizh song "kalloori Vaanil" featuring Prabhu Deva and wrote lyrics for it based on what he heard rather than, you know, anything that was really written. This song got named as "Benny Lava" (because thats how buffalax heard the word "vennilava"). This has also led to the rechristening of Prabhu Deva as Benny Lava. Resulting in some popular Prabhu Deva videos getting branded as 'Benny Lava'.

1. The Orginal Buffalax Video.

Here is the original video with Buffalax lyrics. Initially released in You Tube.

2. The Croatian Version.

Here are a bunch of crazy Croatian college students remaking the Benny Lava video.

3. The McCain Palin Version

Thanks to anon commentor.

4. The Benny Lava Cult

A. Here is an uplugged Version

B. The Benny Lava Project

C. De Benny Lava Guz.

D. Crazy Teenagers doing Crazy Indian Song

E. The Cult Of Benny Lava Spreads across languages and nations.

First it hits the hot chics, old chics, pillow party chics, drunken teenagers who aren't even singing the english lyrics correctly, mad children who are shouting " all nuns are gay", on radio as a brazilian ass shaker, teen girls who use words like 'like' a lot say 'its like a wierd song, a song for all occasions, from the british with love and they follow the rules of the song, they practice hard to get it right dont they?, some give up exams to get it right, more hot chics dance to benny lava, baby's day out in Benny Lava land, fred and holga do it too, these girls have achieved perfection,

F. Finally the Techno Viking Has His Say


  1. McCain-Palin version

  2. the first time i saw it i laughed while reading the subs ... but as time went by and i gleaned over the comments.. it started to hurt... so much so that at a later date when i saw an indian guy host the video over at youtube i sent him an angry mail about it ... :(

    now a days the more i think of it the more angry i grow and it appears extremely derogatory to me... i know i m biased and have quite forgotten what my initial reaction was

  3. awhan,

    why? what was offensive?

    Just curious.


    Malayalam Buffalax for a Russian song, have to know malayalam to enjoy it.

  5. Baas... small correction. The Crazy Indian meme involving the kalluri vaanil number pre-dates the Buffalax version. I've seen Portuguese translations that came before Buffalax.


  7. wow. there are even similar videos for Muqabla and Oorvasi

  8. Its actually bad to see our thai mozhi tamil to be deroiated by some ass clown :X

    wanna kick his nuts rite away..
    but the video is mega funny..

  9. lol, and there was a time when, if you wiki "benny lava", it led to Prabhu Deva's wiki page. Now, thankfully, someone has written about the benny lava phenomenon in his page and it leads you to that section


  11. This is really awesome and funny !!!

  12. Seems it has become quite a phenomenon ! A wannabe phonetics expert analyzes the song here -

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  14. have known "benny lava" for quite a while now... but was blissfully unaware of the world's reaction to it :P

    Imitation is the best form of flattery

    So in that case, I think I can live with it!

  15. :)

    Just wanted to make sure. Is it okay if i listed you under "blogs i follow"? Me a fan.


  16. This is hilarious! Had no idea the Benny Lava song spawned so many versions, the original one in Tamil is not even catchy.



    Two girls dancing for Vijay's Thirumalai hit song...

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  19. Congratulations, you've made a great researching effort and the article is quite interesting. I wonder if you know something: does Prabhu Deva know how far has he got? Is he angry or not with all the stuff, and the nickname "Benny Lava"? That would let us know if all this stuff is just going too far or, au contraire, if the guy is just happy with it. Anyway, it means fame, don't you agree?

  20. Alfredo R. I,
    He will certainly like it. He is a very jolly type of fellow.

  21. I can see why people would be offended by the Buffalax lyrics but I also think this has opened Prabhu Deva's celebrity to a host of people who would have never heard of him otherwise. Yeah, I thought Benny Lava was funny but I was more impressed with Deva's dancing which led me to find his movies on Netflix and buy the real songs on iTunes. So while Buffalax may have introduced Deva as Indian kitsch, I also think Deva's amazing dancing and style have spawned new fans by his own merit.

    And c'mon, anyone who listens to foreign language music will ultimately sing it in their own way. There are songs in French that I just make up the lyrics to because I don't really know what they're singing about. So Buffalax is not too far off.

  22. I speak English but I like Indian music. Association w/ words in English helped me memorize some songs. I like Benny Lava and it is still funny w/o the fake lyrics b/c of Prabhu's over the top dance moves. They're the main reason it's funny. There are a lot of other fake-lyric videos but they're not as funny b/c their dancing isn't as comical...and we all know the joke after awhile.

  23. omg.anyway excellent job dude.benny lava is a trend setter.

  24. I like this song. I have thought of having the Wimpy Kid sings it. He would also sing his own version and would called it "Greg Heffley." Go to to read it.

  25. the bafalax video on youtube was hilarious , i too laughed but i think its derogatory