Monday, March 09, 2009

My World

Step 1: Sleep at 5 PM.
Step 2: Get up at 6:30 PM and feel hungry.
Step 3: Call up Mayuri Restaurant and order 1 Aloo Paratha + Malai Kofta.
Step 4: Go to Mayuri 40 minutes later for pick up.
Step 5: "No such order received sir. Maybe you called the Bothell number. We have a branch there. We wrongly printed that take out number in web page. Sorry Sir."
Step 6: Bark at restaurant guy. Order, wait for 20 minutes, pick up, come home, eat, spill kofta on carpet, get yelled at by bharyal.
Step 7: 10:20 PM. Get call from Mysore Masala restaurant; "Sir. We are closing the restaurant for the day. When will you pick up your order."


rads said...

heh, this is what happens when you start having too many M sounding restaurants as your favs :p

Valli Doll said...

I am sure Mayuri serves better food than Mysore Masala! Mayuri is expanding too they are also confused by themselves!

Which one is closer to you - Mayuri or Mysore Masala?

sundar said...

ROTFL at Step 1 and 2.

ashok said...

and wats step 8 ? :)

ஆளவந்தான் said...

hahaha.. :)) Same blood. I ran into the same kind of situation once.

Angel's Flight said...

lolz...freaking hilarious!

Malai Kofta..Yummm!

Babs said...

athu enna daa 1 aloo paratha..trying to look good in the eyes of blogosphere aiyeee....i saw u gobble 4 last time we went to that place....besides at this rate u'll look preggy when u get back to work this month :-)

Hawkeye said...


true. true.

Valli Doll,

Mayuri is closer. Mysore is yucky.


yes. 5 PM sleep isnt ideal. :-)


solla avamaanama irukku.


what was your step 8?


ya i like malai kofta.


1 paratha is huge. ippo ellam mudiyalai dude.