Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama - The Real Karuppu M.G.R.

Reminds me of a scene in Crazy Mohan drama. Tailor Baba Rao and Maadhu are in a serious argument. The argument gets to a point where Baba Rao gets angry and shouts at Maadhu in English and then turns around to ask Subbu (my favorite in Crazy's team btw) "inna saar naan solradhu". Subbu does not want to commit to either side and so says "athellam corrickto illayo, Englishu soopera keedhu ba".

I have never heard Obama speak. So have no clue as to what he has said so far. However, I am getting a feeling that what he has said about stuff is less relevant and less important to people who rave about him than how he has said it. We don't know whether he will make a good president or not but what we know for sure is that he will certainly win the grammar school English oratory competition. People keep raving about the way he speaks as if he were their 'athai paiyan' or 'maama ponnu'. Whatever he says they seem to go "wow! wah! wah! wah! sooper sooper. innama solraan paaren". They are like some mutant jihadi group who will kill anyone not praising Obama. Even if you don't know/care about Obama, just to irritate them, try saying "I think he will lose the next election" and walk away. You will get 350,000 million 'why's. And then there are these desi yuppies, who incessantly praise Obama, and who also assume that he is India's friend for the sole reason that he is a colored person.

Hollywood/TV Show hosts have shown that boot-licking not a specialty on one side of the Atlantic alone. Sometimes it looks as if these hollywood people applaud and praise Obama even before he has said anything. I swear, they are so despo'ly eager to clap for Obama, that some day he is going to stand and burp and fools like Bill Maher will applaud furiously. The over-hype and the quality of people supporting Obama should be a big concern for people who don't want the country to turn belly-up. They have put thamizh cinema artists, who praise Jaya/Karu, to shame. In fact you can say that America has finally caught up to Thamizh Nadu's innovation in this department and is now openly imitating it. The difference being that the common denominator in this Hollywood clique is anyone who talks for painfully long time on topics like (a) green (not 'raamar pacchai' or muslim 'pacchai' but environment pacchai) (b) atheism (c) pro-choice etc. Whereas in thamizh Nadu item (b) alone will suffice. A day will come when Arnold Schwarznegger will campaign for presidency with promise of free TV and $1 Pizza.

After living in the world of MGR/Karunanidhi/Rajinikanth - it is easy for a thamizh guy to understand that "how" someone says stuff is more important/relevant than "what" he says or really does. It may be less easy to reconcile to this though. A person could be blind, not have 2 hands and 2 legs. But if he sings a song in near-perfect thodi raagam, People are capable of interviewing this person for a plumber's job and selecting him. MGR re-giged his movie songs for election campaign and got the job easily. In Obama's case the dialogs written by his script writer was not for a movie (unless you believed Shakespeare when he said the world is a theater). I am wondering if what he says to his wife and children are also written by the script writer. You will certainly know that the "as I am suffering from fever" letter to the principal excusing his child from school - is from his script writer if its 3 page long, talks about "change" in the health condition and is in flowery English.

Somehow these simple sentences with 60,000 adjectives taken out of motivational therapy books have a tendency to win over people. Since the days of Indiran/Chandran the "unnamed interviewee" and 'suppie' were dinged by 'thengai' Srinivasan - not because they couldn't answer interview questions very well - but one wore a shirt with 'poonai bommai' and the other had sa/la Vs sha/La pronunciation problems.

Ellam "eye wasss".


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...



sundar said...

South Park. Episode 1212. Title: About Last Night. Character to watch: Randy Marsh. :)

Alan Smithee said...

"About Last Night" is probably the most watered down South Park episode ever. However, they redeemed themselves with "The Coon". When Cartman says "Then a black man became the president. He was supposed to change everything, but he did not". Some vandals paint "When?" below the Obama "Change" poster. Not to mention "Coon" is equivalent to the "N" word.

Gradwolf said...

hahahaha, whatte observation! But there is a dialog in the recent hindi movie Gulaal, "Youth change karta hai samajh ko! Arre, lekin aisa kya change karna chahta hai woh! But with Obama it is not what, but it is "when". It's only two months so can't people give him more time?

Yes, I dared to mention indhi dialog in hawkeye's blog :p

Anonymous said...

Loved this blog post.
BTW checkout

Anonymous said...

The whole 'how' as opposed to 'what' most definitely matters. I mean orators exude a charm that goes beyond words. It's the presentation after all. Just like there are tons of blogs that BS and churn up stuff without actually saying anything.
Heck, apply it even at work, or home. :D

Whatever you say, Obama super pa. :p


Vee Cee said...

'suppi' was not the one who wore 'poonai bommai' shirt.

don't care about the rest of the stuff.

Hawkeye said...

Vee Cee,

I am terribly humiliated by your observation

'thengai' interviews 3 people before rajinikanth

1. Thevar caste person without moustache.
2. Subramanya Bharathi a.k.a Suppi
3. Wills Cigarette fellow with Visu voice over.

you mean my memory has become so bad that I missed a person.

Hawkeye said...

Note: I edited the post again. Blogger wasnt working yesterday for some reason.

Vee Cee said...

4 people before Rajinikanth.

1. Thevar caste person w/o moustache
3. Suppi
4. Queen Marys,Stella Maris,Ethiraj,SIET/Devi Bala/Wills cigarette,Scissors cigarette

2. Random guy w/ 'poonai bommai' dress.

Thengai: Sattai-la yenna bommai?
RG (very proudly): Poonai-sair.
Thengai: Adhula yenna avvalo perumai. Get ouuuuut.
RG: Saaair!
Thengai: I say, get out!
...after RG leaves...
Thengai: nalllla kambangoothaadi maadhiri dressu.
Thengai's assistant: poattadhudhaan poattaaney, oru singam poattaa maadhiri dress poattirukkakkoodaadhu!!!
Thengai: appokooda avan asingamaadhaanya iruppaan.

Yes. I didn't have a life. Don't have one right now. Don't foresee having one in future!

Hawkeye said...


I feel ashamed to call myself tamil

(hang head down in shame)

I said...

It was Lucky aka Lakshminarayanan that wore the poonai sattai.

Hawkeye said...

aiyyaho (weeps terribly with wrist touch head and fingers facing outward)

Alan Smithee said...

It was Lucky aka Lakshminarayanan that* wore the poonai sattai.

* who.

Hawkeye said...

changed the post to correct the error

MLC said...

@ VC: ivvalo thun-adakkaththodu paesareengaley .. ambuttu nallavaraa saar neenga????:-p

Vee Cee said...

Lakshminarayanan alias Lucky didn't even make it to the interview stage.

Résumé filtering scene

Thengai's Assistant (reading out the résumés): Aduththadhu. Lucky.
Thengai : Adhenna Lucky.
TA: Lakshminarayanan sair. Surukki Lucky-nnu vechirukkaanga.
Thengai: Umma paer Pakkirisamy Pillai. Pakki-nnu koopidaradhaa? Dustbin.

Hawkeye, pls put new post or at least close comments on this one.

Sreekrishnan said...

Damage of Tamil nadu. Hawkeye, whats this?

and on your post- i agree(d). US is turning back to India style politics.


I said...

oh correct. Poonai sattai is nameless.

Proud to have voted for Obama from blore said...

I am really appalled by your blog on Obama and his comparison with MGR. May be you should listen to speech first. There are leaders who just talk and there are leaders who inspire people. He is of second kind. Its really unfortunate. I didn't expect this from you of all people.

Mambalam Mani said...

"I have never heard Obama speak"
Either you are lying or you are Mars. Even Vividh Bharathi would have played a Obama's speech

But I cant agree more with what you have said. You would not have seen Obama's State of the Union (assuming that you truly haven't heard him speak). Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, was seated behind Obama along with Joe Biden. She was jumping up and down in her seat literally everytime Obama made a punch dialog. The moment Obama says something like "we are america, we will not fail" she jumps and vigorously started clapping forcing the audience to follow reluctantly.
I was preparing for her to fall at Obama's feet at the end of the speech but somehow she didnt. Maybe, not enough lessons learnt from TamilNadu still.

Anonymous said...


Before you post about Tamil movies YouTube is ur best friend.. Here is the link to the classic interview scene



Anonymous said...

Here is another link. That has the full interview.



maxdavinci said...

neenga bulbing a?

engeyo poyteeenga with the karuppu MGR!

Gayathri R. said...

Nice post. Sometimes I also wonder if there is too much hype going on for him!
These lines made me laugh for a loong time: "green (not 'raamar pacchai' or muslim 'pacchai' but environment pacchai)" Kalakkal!

Hawkeye said...

Vee Cee,

naan yaar sonnalum nambiduven. Thats why dubagoors like "I" are able to cheat me.

after you dented my confidence i began to arbitly fish outside off-stump for every ball.

Hawkeye said...




just finished seeing part of that episode. didnt know they had so many episodes online.


/* Yes, I dared to mention indhi dialog in hawkeye's blog */

I am a huge AB fan. so this no problem. live & let live policy.


thanks for this. though i dont think i'll understand any of inside jokes.


but bloggers dont run the country and can't tank an economy :-)


ellarum sernthu kavuthu vittiteenga



proud to have voted form bangalore,

you voted for him from bangalor??!! why?

inspired you to do what?


never. i count the number of times i've watched or heard the news (other than sports news) in my entire life. have zero knowledge of current affairs.


nandri. i didnt think i needed to refer youtube for thillu mullu. apparently i do.


bayangra bulbin


nandri hai

Mukundhan said...

I thought Gap10 was karuppu MGR!

Naren's said...


just in case u hadn't come across this

Sreekrishnan said...

Poornam: Nehru dress la interview ku po
Rajni: Enakku therinju Nehru dress a ippo moraji desai thaan podaraaru, naan kaeta tharuvaara

more than one meaning?

I said...

The comparison is unfair to MGR. Indha kurangu paiyan oru loosu.

Proud to have voted for Obama from blore said...

You should really listen to couple of Obama's speeches or pick up his book 'Dreams From my Father' the one written before he entered politics.

Well, we are one of your fans- enjoy your jokes as well as like the way you seem to know a breadth of areas - movies, religion ,.... Our expectations were a little more of you.

I usually do not comment on your blogs, only read them :)
Come on. Now can you guess who I am - Badri? I honestly did vote for Obama.

Anyways ensoy madi....

Mambalam Mani said...

haha. you should read this

only to avoid all such nonsenses do our clever politicians back home give ponnaadi for everyone on every occasion at any place

Hawkeye said...


if you notice - i have had nothing to say in the post on what Obama said. Post mentions the habit of making decisions based on arbit factors. Plus - the hype and the mania is actually worse than what was done for MGR/Jaya.


a gift card or cash is much better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are right about what happens when you criticize Obama or talk anything about him in less than favourable light.

Had the same experience. When asked about whom I preferred (I live in Canada, in Toronto, where there is a significant population from the middle east), after having got berated a couple of times for saying I was no Obama fan, I decided to refrain from saying anything at all: People are blindly fascinated by the flowery adjectives.

Seriously, I am starting to miss Geroge Bush. Atleast, you knew what his agenda was! He kept it simple.

As for Obama being India-friendly, he has hired as his adivisors on the South Asian region, two folks, who recently wrote a not-so-India-friendly article in the Foreign Affairs magazine. Go Figure!

KM said...

mambalam mami, have you never seen a state of the union address in your life? Jumping up at the slightest excuse and giving a standing ovation is the norm or tradition. Happened with as idiotic a President as Bush too, especially at meaningless cliches like "we are americans!!". in fact standing ovation is prety much a tradition no matter who speaks at a joint session of congress. Even our Manmohan got a dozen or so standing ovations when he addressed the joint session on his last trip.