Friday, March 13, 2009

Omakucchi Narasimhan - RIP

Some characters are fascinating just the way they are named. 'Thayir Vadai' Desikan, 'Omakuchi' Narasimhan, 'Typist' Gopu, 'Manager' Cheena, 'Loose' Mohan, 'dhanaal' K. Thangavelu, 'Thengai' Srinivasan and 'Kallapatti' Singaram. The prefixes that these people have to their names are sometimes obvious but as in most of these people's cases it evokes laughter even before they begin to say something.

The stick (kucchi) used during Homam is extremely thin. You have sticks that are probably thinner. 'Eer Kucchi'is thinner. Maybebecause Narasimhan was thin but not that thin, people called him 'omakucchi' Narasimhan. [ Note: It seems he acted in a drama that involved him playing a Japanese wrestler 'Yamakochi' and so he came to be called as Omakuchi]. He unfortunately passed away recently. I love small characters such as Omakucchi. They bring so much joy and are part of some classic movie moment. For example the clip below is one of the funniest moments in thamizh cinema and a seminal moment in the progress of Indian technological era.. Notice from 1:08 minute onwards how the situation moves from a simple conversation to a incredible theory on wireless communication. The way professor 'gounda' mani solves deep psychological problems with practical application of social science is fantastically mixed with 'wireless technology'. The great gounder has said everything. There is nothing that goundamani has not said which has gone on to be a worthy concept in this world. Blue tooth was not even a concept then but professor uses it so gracefully. Every sentence in this clip will be captured for the benefit of future generations "koyambattoorla mukkina kaidhi pannamaatangala" "dakalti" are key terms which cannot be explained in the scope of this blog.

The key thing here is that Omakucchi was there in that scene and says some of the most important dialogs. The reason his dialog is key because it evokes a response from the professor that will be etched in the annals of thamizh history. As important as it is "orrey kushtamappa" (said by ever teenager going through a troubling phase in 90s) is not the one I am talking about. 20 million years from now when aliens discover thamizh history and study about civilization this sentence will be found. If there has been a college student in the 90s who has not said 'arasiyalla idhellam saadharnappa' then the student has not learned anything from the Indian education system. Omakucchi was there. He is now no more. But the 'paint brush thalaiya' helped give us that moment.


Valli Doll said...

Omakuchi did do some wonderful scenes, like the other one that I remember is from a Pandiarajan movie, where he acts as a painted statue...funny scenes.

Alan Smithee said...

Anyone older than 25 who cannot prattle "gaandha kannazhagi" and "oh.. uriene, varattum, varattum" deserves to be killed.

ஆளவந்தான் said...

Some characters are fascinating just the way they are named. 'Thayir Vadai' Desikan, 'Omakuchi' Narasimhan, 'Typist' Gopu, 'Manager' Cheena, 'Loose' Mohan, 'dhanaal' K. Thangavelu, 'Thengai' Srinivasan and 'Kallapatti' Singaram.
Just to add in the list ennatha kannaiyah

B o o. said...

A scene from Indian.
Omakuchi - Mudiya cut panninaa weight koranjudme?
Goundamani - appo vetti jeppu la vachukkoyen!!!!!!

I ve never laughed loudly ever! The man was key to so many classic moments.

Vee Cee said...

theeere you go!
and you tried to get creative and explain 'monetizing blahblah' without a gounder video.
net result - you ended up with all kinds of lollumaaris in the comments section!
hope we've learnt our lesson.

sreekrishnanv said...

As many people pointed out .... he was in the most imp scenes ... but the place in the whole comedy plot he took was great. He actually is in the act, where the finale is handled by goundamani ... And it is very imp to have the act right to get the comedy correct and i think O N was fantastic there !


" He unfortunately passed away recently" ...Can some one sometimes Fortunately pass away? ... I am sorry i dont get this part.

Hawkeye said...

/* Can some one sometimes Fortunately pass away? ... I am sorry i dont get this part. */

wait till Moo Kaa passes away and i'll tell you.

sreekrishnanv said...

ha ha ha ha ! ... Othukirraen ! Neenga Sonnathu sariunnu Othukirraen !

dagalti said...

As the undernoticed sidekick he did bring out several facets of Annan which one can only rest content quoting - without the slightest shred of hope of elucidating for philosophical insights

Polite introduction
GM: Chandru..look at me

The physician in him....
ON's hand shake ou of control
Kamal: adhu sari vaNdiya Ottai pOriyA aatta pOriyA
GM: indha paar unakku nervous weakness jaasthi irukku oru neurobian injection pOttukku..kaiyai kAttu (the shake catches on)...unakku injection kaila pOda mudiyAdhu..marundhu udaichchu vaaila ooththikka

[naaLaiya seithi]

Prabhu: idhu yaar theriyudhA (pointing to a uniform clad ON)
GM: Watchman
P: illappA idhAn commissioner bandObasthukku pOtturukka police
GM: police-A idhA (words are for lesser mortals, modulation is the mark of genius)

[don't know what movie...teaching propreity of aspirations]
GM: nee ellAm tea kudikka koodaadhu...yaaraavadhu tea kudichchA, pakkaththula irundhu veRikka veRikka paarththuttu Odi pOyiraNum

[Suriyan..joke out of a regular day to day line whose meaning has been washed out by usage]
ON:(after paying the money) ramasamy... appo naan varEn
GM: ini varadhum varAdhadhum un ishtam

[coimbatore mapillai...the polite farewell]
GM: We will meet genral hospital
ON: Gentleman glad to meet you
GM: sari da naayE

Maddy said...

One more to the list..

"Bhayilvaan" Ranganaathan.

Pandiyarajan swindling him using Omakkuchchi in the intro scene of "Oorai Therinjikittaen" and the ensuing cycle chase is one of the most hilarious comedy episode ever..

Karthik B.S. said...

"omakucchi"ngra perukku pinnala ivalo periya kadhaya!

vara vara.. your blog posts are mostly about "RIPs".. whatsa matter?

blackaccord said...

How about 'Narayana.. Indha kosu thollai thaanga mudiyalada'...

more nicknamed actors.. Isari velan, Pagoda Kadher..

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Ennatha Kannayyya.

BTW Omakuchi was a take on Yamaguchi... the Japanese Karate Exponent. It was for a stage-play where Narasimhan played a karate wannabe.

Vaas said...

When I think of Omakuchi, There is a classic scene in "Thambikku Entha Ooru" that comes to mind. This is when Rajini comes to watch a movie in a local "touring" talkies and Omakuchi is the theater owner/manager. Hilarious...

Anonymous said...

you forgot "gundu kalyanam" !

Maha said...

Omakuchchi did come as a karate champion in a movie with Y.G.Mahendran - from my "thirai-malar" memories this was a time when Y.G.Mahendran could have been made funny (sacrilege). It is probably based on a drama. Leave it to Hindu paper to give details as a routnie that no other paper even thinks about - they did explain the origin of the name omakuchi.

Anonymous said...

"wait till Moo Kaa passes away and i'll tell you."

LOL! I nearly fell off the chair :)

Anonymous said...

oru viral krishna rao

Anonymous said...

Who can forget those hilarious scenes from Samsaram Adhu Minsaram, whenever Omakuchi meets Visu...that "paithiathukku vaidhiyam pakkara paithiyakara aaspathirila irukkara paithiyakara doctorukku paithiyam pudicha..."?