Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sometimes you cannot learn from history

After screwing up an opportunity, you wish real hard that you'd get the same opportunity again. By some great miracle, when you get the same opportunity again, you realize that you are still the same person driven by the same set of characteristics and possessing similar levels of lack of information. All of which might force you to pretty much do the same screw up again.


Anonymous said...

stock market's a bitch, bro!!

Hawkeye said...


Sriram said...
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Babs said...

Man I'm scared to go even beyond the bluechips :-), but then I only play with extra cash and not day trading for living....

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Idhu ennavo ennoda interview experience-oda summary madhiri irukku!

Suvarna said...

[shakes head sadly]
...Can't help think of Google here.Have attended interviews over 7 times there and still no learning offer offer nothing till date.Some people/companies never learn!:)

WA said...

Sounds like my life

Anonymous said...

oh alright, I am just recovering from the 2nd dumbest repeat mistake of my life, and have started smiling again, and here you go rubbing it in at 7.13 in the morning.
That's it, no more reading your post first on my reader :P


Alan Smithee said...

Evlo pochu?

Pradeep Kumar said...
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Pradeep Kumar said...

"you realize that you are still the same person"

Isn't this 'more information' to stay far away from it ?

Logic K

Anonymous said...

The story of my life.


revathi said...

Yeah, very true. that is why they say " may you get the same husband/wife for the next seven lives"

Angel's Flight said...

lolz...join the club

Vineet Pandey said...

Too good.

Anonymous said...

like a rat :) going in the same path again and again...

Anonymous said...

OMG! exactly my thoughts today.. :)


Danks said...

Do you watch LOST, hawk? This post reminds me of that scene where Desmond somehow gets transported back in time after the electromagnetic anomaly overflows. The first time round he got scared to ask the woman he loves to marry him because he was poor. And it messed up his life. Now that fate gives him a chance, he decides to ask her this time. But somehow, when the moment comes again, he again can't and repeats his blunder.

I love how LOST episodes offer a lot of parallels for real life dilemmas. :)

Hawkeye said...


day trading can burn you bad man. With my luck i shouldn't have even tried.


it could also be a summary of my interview experiences


my google interview experience (only one so far) was far more comical.


welcome to the club


my 'light bulb' moment with the prospect of repeating history happened at 5:30 AM

alan smith,

annikki pogalai anaa inniki pochu..


the key is you don't realise that when you are wishing for the opportunity to come again. only when the stars are aligned and the same opportunity scenarios evolve again do you realise who you are.


you too welcome to the club :-)



angel's flight,

i am the president of the club




now i have always thought myself as being part of a devious rat experiment by god. and you confirmed it


not your car again!!!!! :-)


i dont follow Lost but now i think i should. however, other T series/movies have tried this concept also.