Thursday, March 12, 2009

When "Thavakkalai" shot into world prominence as "The Little Superstar"

This is an oldie but a goodie. Our very own "thavakalai" ( frog ) is now an Internet sensation.

The Original

From the movie Adhisaya Piravi (adhisayam = Exotic/strange ? piravi = birth) starring Rajinikanth. The small guy who is dancing goes by the name 'thavakalai' but has now shot into international prominence as the "Little Superstar"/

How it got popular?

Youtube Remake 1:

You Tube Remake 2:

Youtube Remake 3

Youtube Remake 4

You Tube Legend
2 people claiming to be thavakkalai and Rajini.


Anonymous said...

That guy is King Kong

Anonymous said...

He's not thavakalai but KING KONG !


Anonymous said...

no he is thavakkalai

BB said...

This is a cut n paste job from hajjar other blogs and that's why you see a thavakalai here too!

Just do a image google search of thavakalai and you will see several links talking about the same thing

Anonymous said...

Thavakkalai is the guy in movies like Kaakki Sattai

Gradwolf said...

That is LOL material^^!

It also says Thavakalai has actually choreographed a Dorritos commercial!

And I wonder what the guy who calls himself Little Super Star is thinking!

Balaji said...

yeah, this guy went by the name of King Kong. Thavakkalai was introduced in 'Mundhanai Mudichu' and appeared in a few movies after that :)

Anonymous said...

this guy is Jackie Chan

Pradeep Kumar said...

aah.. how do you dig such things.. :)

Anonymous said...


it's already there in many blogs.

Hawkeye said...


bowsing youtube and saw this as a 'related video' to benny lava.


i see your desperation. but i havent read a single blog that talked about thavakkalai or these videos

xanindia said...'ve got a great humor here. Nice style of giving laughs

Maddy said...

He is NOT thavakalai but KING KONG..

Kiran said...

Hey, I liked your post about those youtube videos. You and your readers might like this video that a friend sent me. It's a Bollywood version of an iTunes spot. Keep up the good work reporting on your blog!

- Kiran

வெங்கடேஷ் குமாரவேல் said...

Sir, watched the Vijay interview? It is also worth a post...!