Friday, April 03, 2009

New Visualization Technologies

Microsoft Research has been looking at how one can convey far richer information by combining multiple visualization technologies into a single, holistic, interactive experience, with added support for annotations and narratives.

A prototype virtual tour of the Sri Andal Temple has been built that, for the first time, integrates technologies such as Photosynth and HDView, opening up new ways to interactively explore visually complex sites. These technologies are combined with audio, video and guided walkthroughs, to provide a compelling end user experience.

The accompanying video highlights the key scenarios of our prototype which was created using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

Hawkeye's Side Note: The Srivilliputthur Temple gopuram is the Official Symbol of Government of Tamil Nadu.



Gradwolf said...

i don't get it. Why girish karnad? When we have blog, social networking, viral marketing and blah blah, why do we need Girish Karnad and turning point from DD?

Hawkeye said...

his voice!

Anonymous said...

usually cameras are not allowed inside temples .. is this not the case or an exception?


Valli Doll said...

The photos here dont show the garbha gruham..which is where photography is not allowed. And they did go with some well known ppl of Srivilliputtur, so taking some nice pics wasnt difficult.

AMIT said...

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