Thursday, April 16, 2009

Section 49-O

Apparently you need to vote to tell the election commission that that you don't want to to vote for anybody.

Does the Election Commission think that 55% polling attendance is vague data that is ambiguous or hard to read into? Do they think that the other 45% are desperately trying to vote but are missing out because they get into last-minute car accidents, emergencies, miss the deadline, don't have fingers (so can't put that ink) etc.?

Imagine the voter, who thinks this is cool. Its like you walked from Madras to Thirupathi and then walked up the hill to Thirumalai, waited 15 hours in a queue - just to tell cheenu that you are an atheist and you aren't interested in praying to him.

P.S: This may be old news for people who follow politics but I just found out about it.


R-ambam said...

another yuva type youth started another chain denying the significance and even the existence of section 49-O .
who cares ? a black mark on the index is way better than such crap !

Alan Smithee said...

Cheenu? I thought that was Venky & Alamu.

K.J.Nitthilan said...

In a democracy, if you comply, you need to go forward and say your opinion so that it counts else you do not have a opinion or your opinion is considered useless.
If you do not care who rules then you ignore the election. If you care but not like the policy then you vote and express. It is simple :)

ஆளவந்தான் said...

Its funny.. :)

But you have compared apple and an orange

Anonymous said...

If you stand in line to vote {waive your rights :)), you risk safety. But if you stand in thirupathi line, sure to get some goodies ;)

Sreekrishnan said...

As Alavandhan mentioned the anology is not strong.

but, on the issue it self: Kalla vote podama thadukka ithu.. which essentially brings us to 3 types of classification

1. You want to Vote .. like Aamirkhan !
2. you dont like any one but you dont want others to vote for you .. 49 -O .. like me !
3. You dont vote at all - like my mom ...

So ... you are actually mixing 2 and 3

Hawkeye said...

srekrishnan & others,

although I was simply poking fun at this section-O and its needless importance - there is a gap in your logic.

I dont think the analogy is apples and oranges.

There are 45% unregistered votes. It is clearly neither 1 nor 2 in srikrishnan's list. I don't care about the integrity & distribution of the 55% registered votes. And they are the ones who fall into 1 & 2.

If i explain any further i'd be restating para 2 of post in the comment section.

Anonymous said...

If you are not satisfied with any of the candidates, one of the options is not to vote. But this can pave way for "Kalla-vottu". Just to avoid this one can opt for 49-O.
But many of the clauses put forward by 49-O propagandists are not true (like the candidates will not be allowed to re-contest etc.)

Angel's Flight said...

I liked the analogy!

வெங்கிராஜா said...

The best part of the post is the labels!

Anonymous said...

Since I did go thru the process of going to Thirumalai and decided to turn back, I'll extend ur analogy a bit more.

The atheist who decided not to go at all went on with his life complaining abt life has been unfair to him.

Boycotting polls are for separatists and the lazy ones who do not want to be part of a democracy. You choose which side of the fence you want to stand on.

Maha said...

Venky a.k.a Cheenu(nammadaval) a.k.a Balaji(naathies).

Hawkeye said...


(thanks Maha)

Cheenu is as good as Venky.


whatever makes you go high dude.

If a person is not voting. He should be atomatically be put under Section 49-O. If you or the election commission is assigning non-Section 49-O reasons for poor polling % then someone going and registering a 49-O is probably an useless excercise.

Anonymous said...


the way you should read analogy is

If god exists then you walking up to him and telling him about your atheism is a waste. He already knows you are an atheist.

If god does not exist, you going there and telling a non-existent person about your preferences is a waste.

Either way you are doing useless stuff.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous : That pretty much sums it up. Only, it is not an atheist who goes to the polling booth and backs out, it is a Protestant. As for whether God exists or not, in the analogy, India has been represented as God.

Sreekrishnan said...

Yes, one who votes and one who doesnt vote [even if he registered or opted No Vote] .. Well you say - its like 1, 2a, 2b ...

but i'd like it into 3 coz [ any classification is usually in 3s], and 2 is arakorai where in you would have voted if you liked some one .. and still wants to be a part of the voting ..

I think classification is fine to be 3 as you see a different voter mindset - which is pretty imp in democracy ..

Orange Apple and Venky - i leave that - too much to write !

Anonymous said...

sreekrishnan: what have you said in your comment. onnum purla? not even 1 sentence is decipherable?

Alan Smithee said...

sreekrishnan, 49-O is a means to record (?) your indifference at best. Not to record active opposition.

Anonymous said...

From EC's point of view, they wouldn't need a 49-o to get the drift. However, from a voter's point of view, the whole point of 49-o is that he can make sure his vote doesn't get into the 55% by virtue of kalla vote.

jus me... said...
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jus me... said...

Just another reason why only 55 percent people voted - the rest of the names were missing from the inept voter's list. So even those they turned up to vote, they'd to go home without being inked.

Anonymous said...

If a person is not voting. He should be atomatically be put under Section 49-O. If you or the election commission is assigning non-Section 49-O reasons for poor polling % then someone going and registering a 49-O is probably an useless excercise.


Im not sure if you also know this about section 49-o... If the number of voters who didn't vote for anyone (under 49-o) exceed the number of votes for the winner.. the polling is canceled and a re-polling takes place.. It is as good as having a "None of the above" option on the list but the election commission doesn't have it and neither does the voting junta know about it.