Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yesterday's Banana

That success, for most definitions of it, is a function of time is obvious. However, for people who grew up believing things like "failure leads to wisdom" - certain details about it are hard to digest. Contrary to what many proverbs indicate, the experience and perspective developed over time from past failures has rapidly diminishing rewards and usefulness. The world is programmed to favor people who get it right the first time. So the best wisdom one can gain is - you have to get it right the first time. And by definition such wisdom can only be gained from other's failures. Because it is hard to be an old man with too many failures. Now you have huge accumulated wisdom that is largely useless. Unless one is planning on using that wisdom in a parallel dream world, where one plays back life events to structure very convenient endings for a flattering self image.

Many events in life has sand draining fast out of a time piece. If you can't piece together all the information, make the correct decisions, nail the details and get it right now then post-mortem discussions of what you would do if the opportunity came knocking again is academic and useless.

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Gradwolf said...

1. Ppl make the same mistakes again and again.
2. Ppl make the same mistakes that others make.
If these two don't happen, most of us would be successful. And success is again subjective, and largely what we choose.

Anonymous said...

Gradwolf ... idhellam oru observation. Cha!


Anupadmaja said...

"Now you have huge accumulated wisdom that is largely useless"

How do you define useless?

Anonymous said...

Bull.(no offense to you)
Well said.