Saturday, May 30, 2009

Change of Guard

Watched the last episode of Jay Leno in Tonight Show with some senti yesterday. There is nothing new to say about this show as most of the trivia around it has already appeared in the press several times over. 17 years is quite a long time. When I began to follow this show a decade ago, I could rarely manage to stay awake until The Tonight Show aired, however the age of DVR made things a little bit easier. Tonight Show is like a "Friends" equivalent - Not super high quality humor but time pass stuff that made you go to sleep in a pleasant way. I really thought that the "Best Of Jay Walking" didn't really reflect the Best of Jay Walking. There were much better stuff that could have been shown.
Respect for Conan O Brien mainly arises from the fact that he wrote for Simpsons. It should be interesting to see his take on the show.

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Curd Rice Aurora said...

i always thought conan was irritating. And then I saw his last week, showcasing his 14-15 years at late night.

same feelings about leno.