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Naattai: This is an offshoot of Chala Naattai, which means it takes some notes of Chala Nattai, as a result of which it sounds similar to Chala Nattai in some prayogams... As with most janya ragas, there are 2 views regarding the scale of this raga.

One being, Sa Ri3 Ga3 Ma1 Pa Dha3 Ni3 Sa
Av: Sa Ni3 Pa Ma1 Ri3 Ga3 Ma1 Ri3 Sa
and the other:
Sa Ga3 Ma1 Pa Ni3 Sa -Sa Ni3 Pa Ma1 Ri3 Ga3 Ma1 Ri3 Sa
"Ri3 Ga3 Ma1 Ri3 Sa" is the most important prayogam for Naattai.. This and the absence of Dha3 in the avarohanam (descending) scale should be enough to distinguish Naattai from Chala Naattai. Maha Ganapathim is a popular song in this raga. source

Maha Ganapathim

Chennai Senthamizh

One of my favorite songs.

Maargazhi Thingal




Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...


I thought that Narumugaye had some Ghambeera Naattai - especially the female stanzas. I have not learnt classical music, but have a learned thangachi who let me know that... correct me if I'm wrong.

Hawkeye said...

i was told by learned people that narumugaiye had mix of chala nattai & nattai.

laks said...

you missed the most beautiful of the lot - ilayaraja's classic - pani vizhum malarvanam ;)

Sreekrishnan said...

yes, Pani vizhum ... and Is Iyengar Veetu also ?

Btw: i am also told by one of my frnds knowing sangeetham that Narumugaye is Ghambeera Nattai !

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...


clarified. it seems Unnikrishnan sings in Naattai and female, Bombay Jayashree, I guess sings in Gambeera Naattai.

Gradwolf said...

Even I had heard that Narumugaye is Gambeera Nattai. Nice find.

laks said...

"Innum ennai enna seyya pogirai "from Singaravelan is also in Gambeera naatai.

Raghu said...

Narumugaye also has 'Maand' also mixed...!! Heard this from the singer Unni himself...;) !! Idhu eppadi irukku?!!

rads said...

Gambheer or Nattai, Narumugaiye is just heavenly. :)

Anonymous said...