Friday, June 19, 2009

LSE Prediction

NYSE:C price will go down dramatically next week. I wouldn't be surprised if it traded between 2.6 - 2.9 next week.

P.S1: I am trying to monetize my LSE super powers.
P.S2: This post caters to popular demand by people I know. They have asked me to publish the stocks I buy (they prefer CNBC does a newsflash on my purchases) so that they can either (a) short it or (b) not buy now but wait for it to go down instead


Alan Smithee said...

After tech and housing, the next bubble will be in green/clean energy sector.

Padmanabhan said...

any particular reason?

Padmanabhan said...

ah. didn't see the PS before

Mambalam Mani said...

Is C a long term?

Anonymous said...

Ippo Sandoshama?


Hawkeye said...


just flexing my muscles here, field testing my superpowers.

im growing increasingly confident about these powers

Anonymous said...



hakkie hates father day said...


you really want to irritate hakkie dont you?


Anonymous said...

hakkie hates father day,

That was a genuine wish. No one can irritate him. He's Aayirathil Oruvan.