Friday, July 03, 2009

Best Of Michael II

10. 2000 Watts

This is the best song in the album Invicible. It has a kind of a space age rhythm that is literally out of the world. When this song is playing it is absolutely hard not to dance. Total adrenalin pumper. A collaboration between MJ & Tyrese gibson, it was slated to appear in Tyrese's album but MJ released it in Invincible.

09. Dirty Diana

This was Michael's guitar song of Bad. Billy Idol's former guitarist Steve Stevens was the guitarist here and he starts and ends the song with the same low note. This was a song about groupies who offered themselves to rock stars at backstage. Speculation was rife that this song may have been about Diana Ross but it caused MJ embarrassment when he found out that "Princess" Diana would be attending his Bad Live concert in Wembley stadium (which is probably the stadium that has seen MJ's best live concerts). He removed the song from the schedule (however Diana let him know that 'Dirty Diana' was her personal favorite in Bad). This is a high quality song with Michael singing in a higher octave through out. The lady who is shown walking is actually Sheryl Crow who started off as backup voice in MJ's tour.

08. In The Closet

I am not sure if I love the video more or the song. It is a poster boy song for the new trend of "New Jack Swing" songs that producer Teddy Riley was creating which mixed R&B and Soul. It has MJ singing in a very sensual voice. Originally, Madonna was scheduled to sing this duet with Michael and they had a fall-out leading to her voice getting pulled off from this song (getting replaced with "Mystery Girl" princess of Monaco). Although the song's name suggests about "sexual orientation" being kept in the closet, the lyrics talk about MJ's secret relationship with a woman. The video is an amazing piece of work. Shot in bright light with rapid edits and cuts, this video probably has the best camera work I have seen in a music video ever. It shows people in angles that are unique. The breaks/moves that Michael does when he dances are freaking hard to do and he makes it look so easy. The silhouette moves he does when he opens the door is so cool. For years after this video was released every time I walked past a door with a white cut-banian and black jeans I'd do all the poses at the door until my mom got tired of my madness. There is a small sequence in the video that is not there in the CD. These small things made it look even more good.

7. Get On the Floor

So this is my most favorite song from "Off The Wall". This is a perfect meld between disco and pop that is sort of a handshake between the 70s and the 80s. The song doesn't request you to dance but compels you.

6. Speed Demon

It is one of the coolest song from bad that sadly went unnoticed. With a unique beat and characteristic bass guitar it talks about a high speed chase and escape situation. It is such a peppy song that I wasn't surprised to see the video turn out so good. The video featured in the movie Moonwalker. The song begins with a bike roaring off and after every beat set MJ would hiccup "chok". The song would then morph into a totally different tune when "speed demon you are the very same one" line occurs and it goes to a peculiar saxophone sequence. Watch the video, it is so nicely done.


Anonymous said...

nice list so far. let me guess the top 5- smooth criminal, black or white, thriller, beat it, billie jean

MLC said...

romba miss panreenga polarkey .. but no doubts tt he was the best entrtainer the land ever saw!!