Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Best Of Michael

If I were to build an ultimate MJ album featuring his best songs and at the same time do a MJ top 'N' songs countdown - how would it look like? A 3 post series covering that.

14. Whatever Happens

So I am going to be a bit partial to songs that have splendid guitar work. 'Whatever Happens' features Carlos Santana with a dreamy guitar that makes you feel the whole world has gone slow motion. This is a truly great song about two people in love, struggling in life but dearly hope that no matter what happens they at least have each other. The song starts with a eerie Santana whistle and has Michael using one of his more softer voices without actually breaking into a falsetto. It is a great tragedy that this wasn't released as a single or made into a video (the one below is a fan made video for this song).

13. Give into me

The biggest of em' all Guitarist Slash features in this song. This one is another of Michael's songs that talks about failed love, betrayal and sex. Slash features in several of Michael's songs: Scream, Don Sheldon, Black or White and Give In to me. I thought this song was very different from the kind of songs Michael prefers to include in his album. In the spectrum it is more GNR than MJ. This song has a touch of roughness (almost heavy metal like) to it. Michael uses a more open voice, in fact his screamy/gruffy voice here (and does so for all of his songs featuring Slash). The bell-like drums ending in this song is very classic. The video below is an extended version and has lyrics and segments not released as part of his album version. Again, yet another excellent song from Dangerous that deserved to be recognized more.

12. Come Together

So this is MJ's version of Lennon & Paul McCartney's "Come Together". This song was first featured by MJ in the climax scene of the movie "Moonwalker.". It was included as a "new track" in MJ's HIStory album, albeit with a different tempo than the one he sang for Moonwalker. John Lennon was the guitarist when he sung this song originally. Since then Aerosmith, Eurhythmics, & Tina Turner have redone the song. In MJ's version crazy-wig Jennifer Batten was the guitarist and she starts the song with a powerful note. MJ again sings in a open screamy voice and one can't keep wondering if its the same voice that sings those soulful ballads. Who can forget the lines "Here come ol' flat top He come groovin' up slowly" or "gotta be good lookin' coz its so hard to see"

11. One Day in Your Life:

This is a smooth soft Ballad from Michael's earlier album "Forever, Michael". His 4th and last solo album with Motown Records. His boyish voice suits the song very well. Its a dreamy song and very romantic. if the lower notes he touches are fantastic, some of the higher notes he hits are almost Maria Carey-esque.


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