Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Movie Review: The Hurt Locker

This is a really good movie that surprisingly has not received much fanfare. It is a fascinating story about a bomb disposal specialist in Iraq. His daily job is to defuse live bombs and he does it with an approach of a mechanic with a tool kit repairing BMWs and what not. The nice aspect of the movie is that it shows him to be this cavalier "redneck" reckless person who goes out of the way to defuse bombs (like it were his hobby) but still keeps the movie real with no show of heroism whatsoever. Actor Jeremy Renner plays this role with peculiar blend of geekish intensity and carefreeness. When he is disposing bombs he is a geek totally focused on the wires and the mechanics of the bombs. He seems to intuitively think like a bomber and feel around for traps and secondary devices.
This activity is more like a high intensity game to him. He does not treat it like a war where his life is in danger. Its almost as if his life/sanity would be in danger if it were not for the war and his job. An interesting counterfoil is his squad leader Sanborn, who is continually frustrated by James' recklessness and complete lack of awareness of rules, roles and responsibilities. The movie centers around 4-5 events surrounding 3-4 characters. Its shot in a grainy way with what seems like a handicam. You get to see the action as a participant of the proceedings. As if a camera was attached to Sanborn or one of his squad members. The suspense that is built up in the beginning sort of sustains till the end and keeps you at the edge of your seat.

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Kokki Kumarru said...

Just watched it.. pretty good.