Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

My long-time intuition has been that we are stupidest generation the world has ever seen. The belief is further strengthened by news that Reader's Digest falls prey to the retarded Twitter and Facebook generation.


blackaccord said...

Totally agree.. computer use panravan ellam facebook,twitter, linked in profile vechirukkan.. reminds me of koundamani's 'naatula indha thozhiladhibar thollai thaanga mudila.. gundoosi vikkaravan punnakku vikkaravan ellam thozhiladhibar aam'...

Back in the late 80's reading Reader's digest in the library was a way of looking cool..atleast to make a few girls turn around..

hawkeye, I'm not certainly looking forward to the day when I'm having morning coffee in India and there is no 'Hindu' paper to read..

Hawkeye said...

given the poor quality of 'The Hindu' now I won't be surprised if you do get a Hindu to read but see it filled with twitter messages.

Arvind said...

Not sure that Reader's Digest has bitten the dust yet, although it is a sign of the times that they are filing for bankruptcy.
GM went through bankruptcy too, but they are still around in a big way.

Saravanan said...

Arvind, don't worry Readers Digest will die a peaceful death. There is no tax payer money to save them.

Print magazines are going to die because they are failing to adapt to new world/technologies. It doesn't mean that the whole generation is stupid. Ya, I know lot of stupid people around here who write vetti comments in blogs.

Alan Smithee said...

Are you implying that reading Reader's Digest is a sign of intellect? This might interest you.

Anonymous said...

it happens with time, i suppose like it happened with this blog.

but it increased your readership.

Kokki Kumarru said...

exactly.. i mean how can ppl mov on to facebook and twitter,.. the print media is being murdered.. Mr Arnold has jus done a similar thing by abolishing printed books frm schools and uploading textbooks in california owing to budget deficits.

Anonymous said...

Based on the number of comments you get from women, I can see they how much they are attracted to stupids.

Maddy said...

Always treasure those school days when i devoured the archives of RD of 70s and 80s. It lost its charm when it desified in mid 90s.

Hawkeye said...


since the reasons for bankrupting :-) are different, not sure if RD can turn around.


no tax payer $ is a killer blow too.


didnt know about the arnold thing. wow!


if its not then this down trend is even worse then i thought. Ann Arbor news needs to shut down. There is/should be no news coming out of Ann Arbor.


desification hurt MTV-India too.


thanks for getting attracte dto this blog, reading and commenting . serves to renforce both our beliefs.

inbavalli said...

//given the poor quality of 'The Hindu' now I won't be surprised if you do get a Hindu to read but see it filled with twitter messages.//

In fact, today morning I saw a bunch of twitter msgs in Hindu, written by a gaggle of dud staffers. See http://www.hindu.com/mp/2009/08/19/stories/2009081950200100.htm

Rastafari said...

Since when did Reader's Digest symbolize 'standards', 'intellectual idhu' etc?

maxdavinci said...

print versions are giving way to their online siblings. Readers digest could still take grip of the online mag world with its fanbase.

The transition will not be smooth though

Alan Smithee said...

the white house has its own flickr stream. Nothing exemplifies the rot begotten by web2.0.