Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Avani Avittam

Men who never do sandhyavandhanam but do 'kamokarsheeth' to renew yajnopaveetham know how blind men feel like when they pay bribes to renew their drivers license.


Anonymous said...

This one pierced right through my heart. Feeling guilty now.

Sreekrishnan said...

i was just thinking if you or "I" or Alan would have written a post on Avani Avittam !

btw: i am a sutha brahmanan by other blog standards ! I do kamokarsheeth but not sandhyavandhanam !

Anonymous said...

love the tags. bale bale.

Anonymous said...

i say, why wear poonal, when its not used (as it is supposed to be used)?


Anonymous said...

Most people use poonal for muduku sorunjufying.

achupichu said...

Frankly speaking, nowadays it has become a mere mechanical ritual mostly, with no purpose or idea of why it is to be done. I have had people tell me that doing sandhyavandhanam is 'very' powerful. Ask them "how so?", they say... "oh, you don't know? you cannot put it in words". Ask them "what is the purpose of doing these?" and they all just blink.

The way people do it now... even doing regular sandhyavandhanam, chanting the brahma gayatri... all these are like trying to cutting the bamboo stem while leaving the root intact.

Gradwolf said...

There are reasons. Read maxdavinci or rads' latest post :)

Raju said...

Why does Avani Avittam come in Aadi?

I am a (brahmana) Naicker, and we also wear poonool today and never do that "lessons".

Rastafari said...

Good point

blackaccord said...

i dont see anything wrong in it.. varushathukku oru naalavadhu 108 (or 1008) thadava gayathri jabam solrale nnu sandhosha pattukka vendiyadhu dhaan..

Raju, in simple terms, aavani avittam needs to be performed on the pournami prior to aavani amavasai. Sometimes this pournami (known as sravana pournami) falls in the month of aadi and sometimes in the month of aavani.. in india, people north of narmada river always celebrate avani avittam in the month of aavani..

Venkat said...

romba insult panrengo...

Alan Smithee said...

One needs hardwood floors to do sandyavandanam. Carpet being a cloth is not madi.

blackaccord said...

deck or patio wood thaane.. anga panna madi thaane.. i know a friend of mine who used to do pitru tharpanam (as part of avani avittam) in a river in Buffalo, NY and then there's another extreme, my cousin who didnt know it was avani avittam yesterday...

Hawkeye said...




you continue to miss the point of the comment exchange in I's post.




you living far away from me is a bad thing.


or as a key stand?


2 things

1. just because people around us can't answer a question does not mean there is no answer

2. fire will burn you if you put your hands on it. regardless of whether you have a sound understanding of science surrounding heat, energy, combustability etc.


:-) sometimes i dread to check the pulse of the people on such topics. inspite of that i loved rad's post.


bigger question - this time it was neither avani nor avittam star. black accord answered this question.


you dissappoint me. i was expecting a 'enna thayir soru maanada?' type comment.


i am generally against the "panna 100% perfecta pannum.." nonsense. so i am with you on that. But there is a fine line between being imperfect but on a learning curve Vs being imperfect and being on an indolent curve.




dining room floor? summer'la balcony?


know a friend of mine who used to do pitru tharpanam (as part of avani avittam) in a river in Buffalo, NY

wow..extreme. he must have done madhyaneeham after taking a break post upakarma/kamokarsheeth and left for the river. i dont think anyone in madras does this.

my cousin who didnt know it was avani avittam yesterday...

idhu not so surprising. most fall into this category.

maxdavinci said...

semma analogy, will use it on unsuspecting chamathu ppl from now on!

I said...

But if you accidentally walk on the carpet before you change poonul in dining area, balcony, that makes you vizhippu.

Arksantos said...

I started off doing Sandhi 3 times a day, then they told me you can combine the afternoon and morning together, then it became just morning, just weekends, just once a month and today I did 50 gayathris and wore a sandhana pottu to work and I feel like I have kept up 1000s of year of tradition. Something is better than nothing. :)

Hawkeye said...


chamathu ppl do it 3 times a day. can't use it on them. try kedis.




combining morn+afternoon is legitimate. pryoga sastram is supportive of that. unless you meant 'combining' as doing it just once.

adhenne 50 kanakku.

blackaccord said...

i think part of the araigurai acharam and fast track sandhi needs to be attributed to the modern 'vaathiyars' in chennai.. my vaathiyar when teaching how to do sandhyavandhanam clearly told me you dont have to do 108 times everyday and that 28 is good enough.. he also marked the mandatory steps in the sandhyavandhanam book for me for a fast track sandhi..( Not that I would be really doing everything if I was taught by a fully qualified vaathiyar)...

Anonymous said...

Sent this link to hubby yesterday, who reached office late after doing gayathri. He called me instantly to tell me how successfully I nullified his morning and earlier day (avanni avittam) endeavours by putting across this analogy.

achupichu said...

1. I did not say there is no answer. I was merely pointing out people do not care to know why certain things are or have to be done.

2. You fall ill by drinking contaminated water. A medicine to counteract the illness will work regardless of whether you have knowledge of how it cures you or not. But if you keep on drinking the same contaminated water?

Sridhar visvanath said...

"know how blind men feel like when they pay bribes to renew their drivers license."

awesome comparison...this is the best line in all your blog posts...

Anonymous said...

Cant say why I dropped in, but got hooked to the humour.