Friday, August 28, 2009

Chris Nolan & James Cameron

Two really awesome movie to look forward to from two high quality movie makers.


James Camron after giving some fantastic movies decided to semi-retire (except for directing the final TV episode of Farscape) after giving the sucky Titanic. Now he is back with an exciting movie.

This trailer looks really exciting


Can Chris Nolan better what he did with Prestige?


blackaccord said...

inception trailer was short & sweet.. Don't know what to expect on Avatar.. Movie could go either way..

Tyler Durden said...

2008 saw an animation movie by the name Delgo. A teenager trying to save a planet from a war between two tribes. With that in mind, check out

Unlike Prestige, Inception is Nolan's own. Reading the book earlier took a lot out of the film for me with Prestige. With one of the best actors of our times, Nolan is going to score yet another winner.

Maddy said...

The long wait to see avatar's trailer was a great disappointment.. Cameron's hibernation of 12 years after Titanic did not justify for this..May be the 3D special effect should salvage something...

Right now, my most awaited movie is The Expendables..The cast of this multistarrer is better than Ocean's 10,11,12.. Bruce Willis, Arnie, Stallone..what a cast!! Spice it up with Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Steve Austin and Marv (Mickey Rourke)

Babs said...

Tyler the book was awesome, but I thot the movie made good justice to it and was adopted very well for screen...the book twist was totally diff....I was amazed by how Nolan brothers understand the visual media so well n used the audience mind effectively to capture their vision.

Maddy I'm sure Arnie wud be the President of USA in Expandables authorising a elite team to over throw Columbia's dictatorship :-)

Kokki Kumarru said...

Hey there is some kind of a controversy in the news which i happen to read some time back about the movie avatar in which the center technology which is crucial in the design of the entire movie has been lifted from Delgo another movie which got released in 2008 and I think the delgo guys are going to sue them!!