Thursday, August 13, 2009

Iyer Vs Iyengar

Agreement on staggering stuff like Avani Avittam on Aadi Sharavanam and Deepavali in Purattasi. However, when it comes to Krisn'a one chooses Ashtami and the other Rohini. And the twain shall never meet.

*Long time ago Krishna did an Amavasya Tharpanam a day before Amavasya to get the the Sun and Moon together on the same place. This convinced Duryodana to start a war. Now ironically the star and the moon has split Krisna asunder.


Mythili said...


Anonymous said...

entire world may go in one direction but our iyengars are rock steady.

Hawkeye said...


ideally i want a situation where i get sweets during both days


illaya pinna... thevanukku vaaku dhaaen mukkiyam.

blackaccord said...

actually even within Iyengars, Janmashtami is different from Ahobila mutt and Swayamacharyas.. Every year its a big myth and vaathiyars referring between paambu panjangam, ranganadha padhuga and nrisimha priya to come to a conclusion.. we don't even refer to database manuals this much to identify a solution..

Hawkeye said...

black accord,


Anonymous said...

Funnily, the Iyer version ALWAYS comes before the Iyengar one. Wonder why.

MLC said...

i agree w/ u .. yaar yeppo kondaadinaalum, nambalukku varavendiaya seedai-yum barfi-yum vandhaa seri!!:-)

Sreekrishnan said...

saamavedham vs yajurvedham difference vera ...

I gues as far as Krishna jayanthi goes - Ashtami/Navami serara neram on a rohini star [if i remember properly] is what is considered and is exactly followed across all temples in Kerala .. esp. Guruvayoor - which i think coincides with Iyengar's !

Also, Astro calc point out that he was born on july 18th or 21st of some 3000 BC...

btw: taking a cue from inbavalli, why is it titled Iyer Vs Iyengar and not Iyengar Vs Iyer - though that doesnt signify anything .. still some random mokka question !

PS: The wordverification word is wasuteva - what are the odds??

Anonymous said...

Romba Mukkiam.. :-)


raju said...

You know that certain Aayurvedic preparations has 'potency' like 'Sahacharadi kuzhambu refined 101 times' Likewise, Iyengar is but an Iyer 101 potency! (Both the good and bad)

Without malice

blackaccord said...

hawkeye, coming to think of it, nrisimha jayanthi is celebrated on Aani swathi in some temples and in vaigasi swathi in some temples..

Anonymous said...

The adi avittam and aani avittam confusion is primarily because tamilians have a very 'unique' panchangam. While all the festivals are celebrated on the basis of lunar calander, tamilians confuse themselves with the solar calendar. Avani avittam or upakarma is always on shravana maasam pournami thithi as per the lunar calendar.
Vinayaka Chaturthi is Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturthi
Similarly Kartik amavasya as per lunar calendar is Deepavali which could be in Iyppasi or in Purattasi.

raju said...

Uchhastha shashi bhowma chandri shanaya:
lagnamvrushom labhakem jeevasimha tulalishu:
kramavashal poosho shano dhahava.
naishidhha samayo/shtami budha dinam
brahmarsham athrakshane Sreekrishnabhitham
ambujekshanamabhut aavisaram brahmathal.

The Sanskrit version stresses the 'thithi' 'ashtami'

The narration of the Janmapatri/Grahasthithi by the Kerala Jyothishi is as follows:-

'Dwapara yuga avasane, Shravana maase, Varsha rtau, budhavare, Rohini nakshatravum Krishna paksha ashtamiyum koodiya ardha raatri samaye Thula Shani, Meena Vyazham, Dakshinaaya kaale parama punyavathi Devakikku Srimad Purusha jananam. Sree Krishna naamadheya.

The Kerala astrologers, like their counterparts in Tamilnadu follow the second tradition giving importance to both the 'thithi' and constellation.

Indian astrologers folloe the siderial calender based on the position of constellations. Because of the precession of equinoxes and Nutation there is 1* difference betwee the siderial and tropical calender. The two calenders last agreed on AD 326.

Vishu which means 'equal day and night' should be on March 21st but is now on April 14th. According to the Prabhavadi Samvatsaras, the current year Virodhi started on Kali Yuga date 186640 approx.5113years. Kaliyuga started with the death of Krishna.
Janmashtami is Ashtami Rohini in Kerala too

Alan Smithee said...

Punarvasu? You are a Tamizh drogi.