Thursday, August 06, 2009

Movie Review: Nadodigal

Yet another sumaar story glorifying friendship and the "natpu = karpu" formula. The twist here is that friends who give and give and give for friendship are actually not selfless but very selfish and expect stuff in return. So-so acting on one-trick-pony storyline.

This movie deals with (impractical, unreal, and cinematic) 'friends' playing the role of uniting two people in marriage but they do not know what most aunts, grandmas, periappa, periamma, chithis and chithappas who have brokered a marriage between 2 people know. That this is a thankless job with only criticism and complaints sent back as a thank you gift. A 2.5 hour movie on this is a waste of time.


Alan Smithee said...

the reference to aani pudungardhu was chuckle worthy.

Blogeswari said...

Thanks. Was planning to watch Nadodigal and Pasanga this weekend after raavvving reviews on the press / blog

Saved my ambadu rooba

Praveen said...

Bang on!
But for the first few mins, the movie sucked!
And how long are these guys gonna equate natpu and karpu!

Anonymous said...


dude, it is a 2 hours 50 minutes movie!

may be they cut something unwanted for USA audience.

Anonymous said...

Except for the girl who comes as Mama ponnu and always korichufying something in the movie. She was good.

I said...

Better than Transformers, though.

maxdavinci said...

i liked hte subtle humor in each characters intro also the 'unga nermai ennaku pudichirku' that keeps repeating.

not bad, esp since there is nothing better to watch frm teh tamizh stables.

ps: now let the vaishal crowd come n do the usual thalaiva stuff....

blackaccord said...

This natpu karpu thing in tamil movies is exaggerated to such a degree that its borderline gay-ish.. sasikumar looks like a Thaadi vecha Varadharajan (news reader)..

HK said...

I strongly disagree, Nadodigal is a good movie with great dialogues. I would rate Nadodigal as the best Tamil movie released this year.

Pradeep said...

It was actually a movie which many in TN relate with. And that is a part of TN which most of us here who blog do not understand or relate with!

Anonymous said...


hakkie is from thirunelveli. ippo unga theory enga pochu?

Murali said...

This is definitely one of the best tamil movies to release this year (however they could have cut out some more scenes...better/crisper editing would have done it more justice). According to me the song where they "kidnap" the by far one of the most powerful and action-packed (suspenseful) to be visualized in tamil films so far.

Hawkeye said...


yes :-)


nadodigal TV'la varache paathukkalam. by the way super post on film locations.


ya. seems so impracticla for a so called 'realistic' movie.


oh! cut pannadhu approme ivalavu javvu.


the mama ponnu is supposedly 'deaf n dumb' in real life but her acting was very poor.


everything is better than transfrmers


yes. thamizh cinema is in a pathetic state.


yes.. varadhu is a close analogy.


thats a sorry advertisement for tamil cinema






siva sambo song was good.

Anonymous said...

It's Sasikumar's sister who is deaf and dumb and her acting was not bad.

Hawkeye said...

oho.. thats really impressive.

Anonymous said...

I had high expectations of this movie after the impressive Subramaniapuram and the entertaining Pasanga. But it was a let-down, overly melodramatic for my taste. And I couldn't stand to look at that guy who played Saravanan. Nor the mora-ponnu's hamming. Totally agree with your review.

Did you have a baby recently? if you did, congratulations to you and your family.


Maddy said...

I completely agree with Pradeep. I also find it is unfair to review/comment a movie based on a bootlegged copy and viewing it in a laptop..!

nivi said...

cannot agree movie! complete waste of a sunday afternoon :(

ganesh said...

I disagree totally with this review.
This is an exceptional movie.

Anonymous said...

Twas a worthwhile watch when compared to the crap that is shelled out by the rest of the country.

Most of the comments here seem to be from the NRI crowd that has a gourmand taste for tamil movies now.

You guys can shove it and instead appreciate the attempts by the crew to make something against the grain, which ain't easy in India where mediocrity rules.