Monday, August 31, 2009

Movie Review: Pasanga

A movie about events surrounding a couple of kids presented to us the way those kids see themselves in the illusionary world they live in. Falls in the category of low-budget minimum expectation movies that manages to not suck by keeping the story simple and within limitations. Your expectations are so met near the end of the movie that you sort of overlook the vayishal climax scenes. This is by no means as good as 'Anjali' but really really better than those Baby Shalini/Shamili/Simbu movies.

With this - Sasikumar related movies have nearly saturated the effects arising out of small-town Tamil Nadu look & feel and the 80s song nostalgia triggers. It is not a novelty anymore. Unless he has some radical new story to offer under the same construct, he needs to make movies that follow a new formula with actors who shave regularly.


maxdavinci said...

He's making a genre out of them by setting them in small towns and paying tribute to IR song montages.

just hope new directors don't make a formula outta it.

Pot said...

Nice review.

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...


The directors nowadays allocate most of the budget to get dhavani for the heroines, oram for the hero to grow a kaatu, murratu dhaadi and of course, royalty to Ilayaraja to use his tunes.

Sumaara, azhukka, oozhal dhaadi plus moonji irundha, hero chance nichayam. If only Ilaya-thalaivali Vijay is listening. He meets all these yardsticks by a mile and few to match.

blackaccord said...

pasanga was a medicore movie at best in my opinion.... I agree that the thaadi vecha 80's look with a slow motion song and the hero with a sheepish smile has reached its saturation point..

I said...

Pasanga was a good watch I thought.

One good thing about Thamizh movies of this kind is: they make it with real men/things. Nee vena paaru Americans will start watching Thamizh movies like this soon, after being bored with aliens and robots. Then, Spielberg will take lessons from Pandiarajan on screenplay and the tact of making films without dinosaurs for a change.

Thamizh cinema is the future.

Sreekrishnan said...

esp when some one says "Ippo Ennaaaaaangra". Almost every one says it these days !!

Mudile !